Stalking Lin-Manuel Miranda

  Hi my darlings! Something tremendous happened last week. It was incredibly exciting. It was fabulously fabulous. It was humongously theatrical. It involved Lin-Manuel Miranda. Also, I know Lin has been seemingly overtaking this blog, but next week will be different, I swear. I won’t even mention his name, probably, most likely. Just bear with me for one more week. As many of you know … Continue reading Stalking Lin-Manuel Miranda

Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda?!

Bonjour, my theatre loving friends! I, Broadway Lil, have some of the excitingest of exciting news to share with you tonight. Firstly, can we all just breath a big sigh of relief that Lin-Manuel Miranda has returned to Twitter? Thank you. Phew, we almost didn’t make it through, but here we are. Secondly, guess where I’m going tonight?! A discussion of the writing of Hamilton … Continue reading Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda?!