A Very Dramatical Christmas🎭

Bonjour mes amants de théâtre chérie! In other words, hello, my darling theatre lovers! I’m back. And wishing I spoke better French. The issue isn’t my underuse of the language, it’s my overuse of Google Translate. But no one can ever say I wasn’t fully committed. What I’ve learned, through my adamant perusal of theatricality is that half the battle is being committed. Will this … Continue reading A Very Dramatical Christmas🎭

Stalking Lin-Manuel Miranda

  Hi my darlings! Something tremendous happened last week. It was incredibly exciting. It was fabulously fabulous. It was humongously theatrical. It involved Lin-Manuel Miranda. Also, I know Lin has been seemingly overtaking this blog, but next week will be different, I swear. I won’t even mention his name, probably, most likely. Just bear with me for one more week. As many of you know … Continue reading Stalking Lin-Manuel Miranda

Another Day Of Sun: My Quest For La La Land

“And here’s to the fools who dream, crazy as they may seem.” –Mia, La La Land Hello, my friends! I have a question. Have you ever read something or watched something or even met someone and said to yourself, wow, those are my people, I’ve found my people, goshdarn, and then were you struck with a deep sense of glee and subesquently found the need … Continue reading Another Day Of Sun: My Quest For La La Land