A Theatrical Life

Broadway Lil. That is what they call me. At least it’s what I call myself. Darling, self-titles are rather important because you always need something snazzy to say when you’re being introduced to theatrical people and also jazz musicians. As you kiss your new acquaintances glibly on the cheek you can shout your title. “Broadway Lil, darling, salutations!” I haven’t met any jazz musicians lately … Continue reading A Theatrical Life

Watching Brand-New Musicals With Stephen Schwartz!

Bonjour, mes amis! Where the Sondheim have I been? That is a very good question. Much has occurred in the past weeks, not the least of which has been my return to college and the struggles that have resulted. I’m taking six classes, and directing a play and trying to workshop my musical, and- I feel as though I’m getting a handle on it, though. … Continue reading Watching Brand-New Musicals With Stephen Schwartz!

Performing From My New Musical!

Bonjour, my theatrical friends! I know I’ve been AWOL and I’m very sorry and annoyed with myself, but let me make a blanket statement that will hopefully excuse my absence: The past two weeks have been snazzier than Joel Grey in eyeliner. I know. The fabulosity started on Monday the 5th, with the performance of a song from my original musical, Lavender Nicholson Is Not … Continue reading Performing From My New Musical!

The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With A Musical

Hello, my dear friends! I am so sorry I haven’t been writing. School has been a bit crazy and I’ve been a bit stressed, but I missed weirdo blog! Today I want to discuss something quite Vital and Important. Let me set it up: You hear two bars of its opening song and burst into tears. You stay awake all night penning what you feel … Continue reading The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With A Musical

A Very Theatrical 2018!

Happy Day After New Years! After all the festivities and concerning amounts of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider that we have sipped from plastic champagne glasses while watching Cabaret (or was that just me?), we’re all a bit worn to the bone and looking ahead to the New Year. It’s sort of terrifying. Last year my New Year’s post was about how we theatre geeks don’t … Continue reading A Very Theatrical 2018!

I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!

Bonjour, my theatrical friends, and Merry Christmas! I have very exciting news! My blog of Broadway, weirdness, theatricality, and bad French was nominated for the Liebster Award by one of my favorite blogs of all time MyMusicalTheatreLife. I absolutely love this blog which covers all aspects of the fabulosity that is theatre; from the best costumes ever to the most loveable villains of all time, … Continue reading I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!

A Very Dramatical Christmas🎭

Bonjour mes amants de théâtre chérie! In other words, hello, my darling theatre lovers! I’m back. And wishing I spoke better French. The issue isn’t my underuse of the language, it’s my overuse of Google Translate. But no one can ever say I wasn’t fully committed. What I’ve learned, through my adamant perusal of theatricality is that half the battle is being committed. Will this … Continue reading A Very Dramatical Christmas🎭