Performing From My New Musical!

Bonjour, my theatrical friends! I know I’ve been AWOL and I’m very sorry and annoyed with myself, but let me make a blanket statement that will hopefully excuse my absence: The past two weeks have been snazzier than Joel Grey in eyeliner. I know. The fabulosity started on Monday the 5th, with the performance of a song from my original musical, Lavender Nicholson Is Not … Continue reading Performing From My New Musical!

So You Want To Direct A Play?

“No one can ever say, ‘You can’t be in the theater anymore.’” -Hal Prince Hello, my friends! I haven’t been gallivanting around this blog the past week and I’m rather upset. The thing is, though, I’ve been working on something rawther theatrical, and I’m absolutely thrilled to finally let you, my theatrical friends know the news: I am directing a play. Da-da-DAH! Thank you for … Continue reading So You Want To Direct A Play?

Tori Amos Has a Musical!

I know maybe I’m freaking out too much these days about musicals, but literally. Tori Amos has a musical. And I didn’t even know. What kind of a person doesn’t know when Tori Amos writes a musical? Okay, it’s called The Light Princess and just, well, I understand why you’re screaming at the top of your lungs, it’s sort of what we do here, yo, but, just, well, aim your voice away from my … Continue reading Tori Amos Has a Musical!