Performing From My New Musical!

Bonjour, my theatrical friends!

I know I’ve been AWOL and I’m very sorry and annoyed with myself, but let me make a blanket statement that will hopefully excuse my absence:

The past two weeks have been snazzier than Joel Grey in eyeliner.

I know.

The fabulosity started on Monday the 5th, with the performance of a song from my original musical, Lavender Nicholson Is Not Okay.

Lavender, as I refer to it, much as one might refer to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s smash hit as “Phantom”, has been in the works since last March. I, several months back, feeling that it was Time, entered my show into a showcase that presents songs from brand new musicals. The showcase is called Musi-Cal and is presented by The Foundation For New American Musicals, an organization which I have become rawther closely associated with, and which has provided me many platforms for my foray to the glimmering lights of Broadway.

Oh, how I missed my fabulous prose.

Musi-Cal is a wonderful thing to be accepted into, and I was very excited when lo and behold, a song I’d written for Lavender was accepted. If you write anything at all, you’ll understand very well how exciting it is when something you’ve worked hard on is appreciated by someone other than yourself. All the nights spent crying beneath your grand piano were worth it!

Not that I’ve ever done that.

Of course.

I was thrilled to have been accepted and when the day of the performance rolled around, I could hardly hold it together.

When can I ever hold it together, actually?

Just so that you are comforted, my costume was quite spectacular. I have attached a picture because I really think you should see it.

I was trying to look cool and calm, okay?

Something that I really enjoyed about the showcase is that it gave me not only an opportunity to share and test out my musical, but it gave me the chance to meet some fabulous composers and writers, people I know I will remain friends with. The really fabby (to quote the British) thing about being a person writing for musical theatre, is that the community is small and very close. I have some really wonderful friends who I’ve met at different theatrical events and gatherings and we’ve remained really close; it’s so special to be friends with people who share your interests.

Anyway. Enough of me being normal and not humorous. Let me tell you about the Proceedings. My performance went rawther well. I jumbled several piano keys, as one sometimes does, but I pretended that I had meant to do it, which is what one does in the theatre, as you know.

The show took place in a space that serves beverages of an alcoholic nature, and while I couldn’t partake because of my young and immature age, it was fun to pretend I was actually quite old and that my ice water was vodka. I also just lounged on the hugely tall chairs and hoped that the unnaturally attractive waiters would think I was a weathered composer of musical theatre who’d just dropped in from Broadway. I don’t know if it worked. It probably did. They kept giving me dirty looks, though, because I wasn’t buying anything; I don’t like to eat before I perform (as one often doesn’t for obvious reasons) so I just smiled blithely and stirred my vodka. 


After the performance, many people told me that my song had really moved them, and friends, truly, it meant so much. I can’t express to you what a thrill it is to finally present something you’ve written and get a reaction. It’s sort of like posting what you hope is a really hilarious tweet and waiting for Twitter to respond. But a trillion times more amazing! Also: theatre needs to be performed for it to come into its own and be what it is meant to be, so being able to perform it was utterly fabtastical! Which is a new word I, Broadway Lil, have just created.

You’re welcome.

Here is a video of my performance!

Well, if you’re wondering what else happened recently that made my past two weeks fabbier than Joel Gray in drag….you’ll just have to wait for my next post! But I promise it won’t be so utterly late as this one was.

P.S. Um, did you see The Greatest Showman? I am sort of freaking out about its amazingness, but I want to hear your thoughts!



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