Theatrical Musings


Lillian Headshot
I thought I looked like I was musing in this picture. Also, it’s a new headshot, so, um,  yeah I’m going to share it, hello.


Bonjour, mes chéris!

Here I am again, sitting in the college library, willing my Pulitzer-worthy prose to come to me.

While I wait, I might as well tell you what’s poppin’.

As a side note, “what’s poppin’” is slang for “what is currently happening?”, and NOT a thing people say when they want you to explain the entire plot of Mary Poppins and perform all the songs including the entire “Step In Time” dance routine.

Not that I ever thought that. Or did that. Of course.


I just got back from Starbucks where I purchased a delicious cup of coffee. In the days after the performance of my play, when I was coming down from the high of being The Director, I began my sad, long road to coffee-addiction withdrawal.

It proved to be less difficult than I’d anticipated and made me question how much of my Directorial Personality was the coffee I drank and how much of it was simply my own pure, unadulterated insanity. I attributed it to the coffee initially, but I’m really not so sure now. Especially because I seem to have retained my Insane Director Personality many months after my play-directing stint has ended.

Wow, I never thought about this. I think that play unleashed a monster…


Have you ever seen that video of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonathan Groff singing “Satisfied” from Hamilton? I watched it this morning when I was feeling particularly peevish and cranky, and I was immediately filled with joy and began to leap around my kitchen like a beautiful young unicorn. Unfortunately I crashed into the refrigerator and fell to the earth with a deafening crash which woke my downstairs neighbors from their peaceful slumber.

Anyway. There was a reason I never got cast in Newsies. Apart from the fact that I’m a girl I mean.

If you haven’t watched that video of Lin and Groff yet, you just absolutely must. Those two make me feel that all is wright in the world. And by “wright” I mean, “playwright”.

*laughs hysterically for seven minutes*

*cough, cough, hack, hack*

Oh! I know what to talk about!

Lately I’ve been writing my new fabby, fab, fab musical! At least I think it is fabby, fab, fab. I’ve actually been doing it for quite a long time now.

Writing a musical has been a wonderful, terrifying, and dramatical experience, mainly because when one attempts something for the first time, they often have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Something that I love about theatre, though, is that not knowing something is often fertile ground for creating and discovering and being all-around theatrical. Which is obviously the most important thing. Especially if it involves stoles.

My musical is called Lavender Nicholson Is Not Okay and I am really excited to explain the plot and more about the musical in a future post;  I’ve been staying a bit silent about it for a while, simply because I am a superstitious theatre person who doesn’t want to jinx anything.

And now I’m going to jinx something! O, Theatre Muses, keep me safe and don’t let any pianos fall on my head because I definitely believe that could happen!

Prose? Pulitzer-worthy? Nah?

The thing is, and I’ve just realized this, I think my prose is just going to be what it is. And I had the most fantastically fantastical time chatting with you, you utterly theatrical thing!

Please comment theatrical nonsense below, or something wonderful and Pulitzer-prize worthy. I really love hearing from you!

Until next time, please remember to do kick-lines in random locations! It’s really quite vital.




3 thoughts on “Theatrical Musings

  1. Hmmm.

    The thing is at my school it is hard to find musical theatre fans so glad I have this blog of mine to discover many musical theatre fans.

    Well, the crazy thing people would try to talk to me and I would ignore them being to caught up in musical theatre music. Plus someone would ask me if I am okay while I am listening to a heartbreaking song and they see me crying and I would yes I am okay. There is a difference between happiness being part of a song itself and you feeling joy actually experiencing the song.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. To some non musical theatre lovers, when I try to explain why I love musicals, they don’t understand. Even when I try to explain why I love romance and negative emotions, they still are quite confused. The people in real life I know that tend to love musicals are older people like my mom.

        Liked by 1 person

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