The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With A Musical

Hello, my dear friends!

I am so sorry I haven’t been writing. School has been a bit crazy and I’ve been a bit stressed, but I missed weirdo blog!

Today I want to discuss something quite Vital and Important.

Let me set it up:

You hear two bars of its opening song and burst into tears. You stay awake all night penning what you feel are “humorous and insightful” tweets about it. You see a random guy with ponytail in Target and embrace him, thanking him loudly and tearfully for his “contribution to the American Theatre as we know it”-

Okay, that was obviously about Lin-Manuel Miranda, but you get the idea. Also, you don’t have to remind me that Lin doesn’t have a ponytail anymore. I am aware. I have been made aware of this fact.

I’m fine. Okay? I’m fine. Stop making that sympathy face. I’M OKAY NOW!

Moving on.

Basically, if you were, are, or are planning to be, a theatre geek of any shape or form you will know the magical, marvelous, honestly really tiring process of becoming obsessed with a musical.

There is screaming, there is crying, there is writing of detailed plot analysis by…

Or you know what? I could just make a list. One of my Pulitzer-prize winning lists.

I’m good at lists.



Step One: Denial and Resitsence



Victim aka Theatre Geek somehow hears/reads/instinctively knows about a new musical (this is also applicable for plays). They either express slight interest or general neutrality. There is no obsession yet, in fact sometimes the opposite.

I’ve always said (since now) that theatre geeks are like broken hearts: The more they break, the more insane they get, but they never stop falling in love.

Per this mind-blowing metaphor, theatre geeks, at least the ones I have met, sometimes have an aversion to becoming attached to a new musical. They are already obsessed with many musicals, and if only simply to conserve space on itunes that would go towards the newest Broadway obsession album, they distance themselves from whatever it is their friends are freaking out about. This never works, but this is beside the point. In the words of Irving Berlin, it’s the thought that counts.

P.S. He didn’t actually say that.


Step Two:  Joyful Acceptance


Something happens. Usually it involves Twitter or the Tony Awards. The Theatre Geek, in spite of their attempts to prevent it, somehow sees a snippet of a song, a photo of a rehearsal, a beautiful poster, and they are sucked in. They realize that they will not be able to continue to live without purchasing the entire album to said musical and listening to it on repeat.


Stage 3: Getting Costumed 


They feel the need to get apparel. They will somehow get their hands on a t-shirt that has the name of, or even better, a deeply veiled reference, to their new favorite show.

Some will even start their own clothing lines. I haven’t gone quite that far, but I did have this great idea for musical-scented lip balm. How I would achieve the exact scent coordinating to the exact musical is a bit questionable.


Stage 4: You’ll never be the same.


In case you aren’t aware by now (and I’m sure you are, my theatrical pallies) musical theatre is utterly life altering. Once it finds you, you will never get away, and more importantly, you will never be the same. What I love about musicals is that they give people hope and a different look at life and all while huge voices belt out the best songs ever written. In the words of the great Stephen Schwartz (who I know, btw): Because I knew you [my darling new musical obsession), I have been changed for good.




5 thoughts on “The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With A Musical

  1. I am obsessed with a musical: Les Mis.

    I am someone obsessed with a musical who will never get to be on stage.

    I first found out about Les Mis in 2009 through the whole Susan Boyle “I Dreamed a Dream” thing. At the time, never thought about seeing Les Mis. But was already a fan of musicals altogether.

    December 2012: saw the movie and was shocked and confused and did not know how to respond. I only knew that one song so I was shocked that it was a tragedy and it was a genre I never knew about in the musical world. I was really unsure if I am a Les Mis fan or not. But started researching the show anyway.

    Early 2013: saw the movie yet a second time. I was able to calm and started to fall in love with characters. It was easier for me to handle the show as in it did not take me by surprise. At some post I wanted to know why the musical made me feel uplifted. So I dug even deeper into the musical until I started to see the stage show.

    November 2013: the stage show was shown at my community college. I saw it once with family and twice as an usher. At some point in 2013, I wanted to see the show in the West End. By the end of 2013, I was definitely obsessed with Les Mis, but don’t know when that was.

    July 2015: I dreamed a dream. I saw Les Mis in the West End and it exceeded exceptions. The orchestra, the staging and the actors exceeded everything. As my journey for Les Mis continued, the love for it grew.

    November 2017: Well I saw Les MIs live for the 5th time. I saw on tour in the US. I was able to see the new 25th anniversary staging. That cast somehow lived up to the West End cast, but in their own way. I love how the set smoothly led to the next set.

    That is a because run-down of my Les Mis. But it was in 2013 where I became obsessed with Les Mis in the first place. It really came down in stages. I already loved musicals before Les Mis. Les MIs turned my love for musicals into a passion. It went against everything I believed musicals were. Even though it wasn’t big on spectacle or dance, something made up for it. It had to do with how powerful the show was. I am obsessed with Les Mis but I have nothing wrong with that.

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    1. I love that!! Those are truly the stages of becoming obsessed with a musical. 😁 I fell in love with Les Mis because of Susan Boyle too, and I feel like a great thing to do as a fan of the musical would be to read the Victor Hugo novel. You’ve read it, right? 🎭


      1. I started to truly become a fan in 2013. Its just I had to give it a 2nd chance to eventually become a true fan. So I am still basically a new fan. 2013, 2015, 2017- the years I saw it live is crazy to see it that much in those years-every two years.

        I did see the stage show summer of 2015, which in interesting because that is when I saw it at the Queen’s Theatre in London. Interesting in that way. Most of the shows I have seen have been on tours across the US.

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      2. I cannot believe I saw Les MIs 5 times. What is crazy is the time period in which I saw it that many times. The first time was in 2013 where I saw it three times since I ushered twice and saw it once with family. Than the 4th time was in 2015 where I saw the show in the West End. The 5th time was on tour in the city of Greenville in 2017.


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