A Very Theatrical 2018!

New Years Lamp Singing In The Rain

Happy Day After New Years!

After all the festivities and concerning amounts of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider that we have sipped from plastic champagne glasses while watching Cabaret (or was that just me?), we’re all a bit worn to the bone and looking ahead to the New Year.

It’s sort of terrifying.

Last year my New Year’s post was about how we theatre geeks don’t really have to worry about the New Year now because our true New Year takes place at the beginning of the Broadway Season. You can read it here: The Top Things That Happened on Broadway in 2016

Although I still believe this, however jaded I have become in the past year (Laura Dreyfuss wasn’t nominated for a Tony?! The life has left me!), I still think it is wise for one, however theatrical they may feel, to make several New Year’s Resolutions along with everybody else.

Notice the capitalization and bolding used for emphasis. I ain’t playing around.

Resolution Number One:

I Will Listen To More Cast Albums

Something I’ve noticed is that I sometimes fall into the same patterns of the music that I listen to. For example, Waitress. For another example, Liza Minnelli’s version of “Life Is A Cabaret”.

Pardon me while I do a one person kickline for a while.

I do listen to a lot of music, don’t get me wrong, but I think I listen to the same things too much, and there are so many different and fabulous musicals that may never be performed live again, but which have music that I can appreciate! Also do more kicklines to.

Very important.

Here are my goals (thus far):

Listen to:

The entire Sunday In The Park With George album

The entire Come From Away album

The entire Once On This Island album

The entire Ragtime album

The entire Candide album


Resolution Number Two:

I Will See More Shows

Okay, I do know that for this to happen I will need funds, which are not always achievable at my tender age, but if I’m being honest tickets to brand new works and readings aren’t very expensive at all, and I owe it to my writing to expose myself to more theatrical works!


Resolution Number Three:

I Will Learn How To (Ish) Dance (And Not Die)

One of the great tragedies of my theatrical life has been my inability to do simple dance moves without falling and crying much more than necessary. How you know if you’re crying more than necessary if if actual tears aren’t coming out of your eyes anymore…


Dancing is something that many people throughout history have tackled (!) and so I believe that I too may tackle it! I am first going to learn the Charleston because I think it seems really fun and also like you could wear a flapper costume whilst doing it, and then I’ll probably move on to the opening number from a Chorus Line. Small steps, I always say.

And these, my dear friends, are my New Year’s Resolutions. Few though they be, I hope they will make my coming year more full, exciting, and of course, theatrical.

What are your resolutions if you have made any? And can you dance, because I could really use some pointers.

Happy 2018!




New Years lamps

4 thoughts on “A Very Theatrical 2018!

  1. I don’t know when I will start seeing shows this year, but I dod hope to see at least one musical. But I do listen to musical songs everyday it seems. I have been called “too passionate” about them. My theatre I see each year is primarily based off of the musicals I have seen. Being a musical theatre fanatic is one of the best things about me. It is very hard to describe why I love musicals. It is just a wonderful combination of acting, singing, and dancing. There are just so many reasons to love them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way, something about musical theatre is just so wonderful, but I can’t quite explain it. And girl, yes, “too passionate” about musicals is a term that has been attributed to me too! 😁
      Thank you for reading!


      1. A world of acting, singing and dancing. That is special. The songs and dance help provide something special to characters and storylines. The emotions are supported a lot by the songs. The emotions shown in the songs really helps with the storylines and characters and depending on the musical depends on what the emotional capability on what the songs are.

        It is hard when some says “too passionate”. It almost sounds as if don’t be passionate at all. If I did not love musicals in this passionate way, I would not be true to who I am.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! Exactly. Musicals are such a special and unique way of telling stories and being passionate and excited about something is great! Not a lot of people are, and it’s unfortunate when people try to make people feel bad for loving something. But being a theatre-lover is truly such a fabulous thing to be!


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