I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!


Bonjour, my theatrical friends, and Merry Christmas!

I have very exciting news! My blog of Broadway, weirdness, theatricality, and bad French was nominated for the Liebster Award by one of my favorite blogs of all time MyMusicalTheatreLife. I absolutely love this blog which covers all aspects of the fabulosity that is theatre; from the best costumes ever to the most loveable villains of all time, this blog has it all and I highly, highly recommend subscribing if you truly value the theatrical life-style!

For those of you who may not know this, the Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers in order to spread blogger love! There are several rules one has to follow if they wish to accept their Liebster nomination.

Firstly, as per the rules of the Liebster Award, I will be providing you with eleven random facts about moi, Broadway Lil.


  1. I have a pet guinea pig named Squeak who is emotionally unstable and slightly obese and who I adore madly.
  2. I make my own tea and have absolute rows of possibly toxic herbs in small jars which I like to dump into cups manically while humming like a mad-woman. Which I am not. Of course.
  3. I played Linus in a production of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown when I was 11 years old.
  4. Once I saw Matthew Morrison in person but was too stricken with star-struckness and fear to speak to him.
  5. My favorite genre of literature is something called “Prosey” which I invented and which nobody understands but which mostly consists of me smugly reading books that won the Pulitzer prize and pronouncing Pulitzer like Pew-litzer.
  6. I am very good at knitting. Especially 7-foot-long scarfs.
  7. I am very good at dancing what I like to call The Fake Charleston. Sometimes I accidentally kick people in the nose.
  8. I sing soprano in a choir.
  9. I always carry a notebook with me in which I write things about people and also sometimes tragic love poetry.
  10. I love Oscar Wilde!
  11. I am utterly obsessed with musicals and want to write for Broadway!

Okay, wow. That was extremely fun. Hopefully, those were enlightening and somewhat entertaining facts about yours truly. Now, to move onto the next step I will be answering the questions MyMusicalTheatreLife has provided to be answered by potential Liebster recipients.


If you had the ability to sing one song from a musical flawlessly, what song would it be and why?

This is a good question. I will, somewhat unfortunately, have to go with the most obvious, generic, blatant choice, which is Defying Gravity from Wicked. Um, hello? If I could belt those notes, or excuse me, even come close to hitting those notes, my life would truly be complete.

Which musicals do you think deserve a shoutout?

Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along definitely deserves a shoutout. It is a story that is told backward to forward, and because of this, which is a bit confusing, and several other reasons, it never really found a big audience. I love this musical, though, the songs are interesting and the characters are relatable. It doesn’t hurt that in an old production Lin-Manuel Miranda played one of the main characters. Here is pictorial evidence.


If you could dance the choreography of any one show perfectly, which show would it be?

Again, as I seem to want to go with obvious choices here, I will have to say Newsies. But, really can you fault me? That show is crazy. How do they do that? Why does my back hurt after only 30 seconds of doing fake pirouettes? Why are they so talented? Why am I sobbing?!

Favorite composer/lyricist duo?

For this, I  am torn between Pasek and Paul who wrote La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen (among many others) and Stephens and Flaherty, ‘cause who doesn’t need a little Lynn Ahrens in their life?

Stephen’s cool too I guess.

Who’s your favorite musical actress/actor?

This is such a good question. I’m going to say Ben Platt. When I first watched his performance of Waving Through a Window on the Obie Awards I was truly, well, AMAZED! Um, hello?! And I could NOT stop thinking about his performance for days after, heck I even started plotting ways to kidnap him so he could be in my musical…


I mean HA! Joke! I was joking! Totally! No doubt! Letting out my humorous side!


What show(s) should get a Broadway transfer in 2018?

I have a good story for this answer.

For a while I have been involved with an organization which Stephen Schwartz helped found, called the Foundation For New American Musicals; I was a finalist in their short musical competition Show Search and am friends with many people who are involved.

The Foundation hosts an event every month called Musi-Cal which basically is a showcase for in-the-works musicals in California and because of my Past with the Foundation (My past doing ShowSearch. Not Russian money laundering.) I am invited to go to Musi-Cal whenever it is happening. Last October I thought it would be good to go and Make An Appearance as it were, plus, one of my friends had her musical premiering there, so I showed up to Musi-Cal. As I applied my lipstick in the bathroom mirror a woman came over to wash her hands. She was wearing pigtail buns and a yellow dress and I recognized her from somewhere but I couldn’t place where. To cut to the chase, I later realized that she was the writer of a new musical called Emojiland which started out at Musi-Cal and just got accepted to off-Broadway. It explained the yellow dress, but I was extremely annoyed with myself that I hadn’t said anything to her. A real-live off-Broadway acceptee! Anyhoo, Emojiland should definitely transfer, not just because I vaguely know the writer, but because I think it’s really hilarious and had loverly songs. I linked one that I like:

What’s one unpopular theatre opinion that you have?

My unpopular theatre opinion always gets me deep scorn and catty smirking from other theatre geeks, but I don’t love Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics. There are some that are beautiful, okay, I admit this. My favorite song of all time, Climb Every Mountain Ford Every Stream Follow Every Rainbow ‘Till You Find Your Dream (that’s the title, right?) has great lyrics written by the Hammer himself. Was he often referred to as the Hammer affectionately by his few close friends because of his amazing hammer-throwing skills? Probably. Or was that Ms. Trunchbull…?


Anyway, some of Oscar’s lyrics sort of aren’t my favorite, but also, I ADORE HIM MADLY!

I basically love everything.

What’s your opinion on the Tony Awards recently and what shows do you think have gotten snubbed in recent years?

The Tony Awards themselves have never been as good as when Neil Patrick Harris, the man who gives theatre geeks hope that they too may someday be “cool”, hosted them. But as for the nominations, I feel that the past year was pretty good. I was upset about two things, which were that:

  1. Laura Dreyfuss wasn’t nominated
  2. Anastasia was totally snubbed.

Also Kevin Spacey hosted which…well…😬

What do you think about musical movies and what’s your favorite musical movie?

I adore musical movies and will have to pick the genius of La La Land for my favorite. Another Day of Sun makes me cry every time.

What’s your dream cast for your favorite musical and why?

This is super basic. My dream cast for my favorite musical, which is Wicked, is Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Joel Gray, Co. The originals are just sometimes the best!

Do you have any dream roles? If you do, what are they and why?

This is such a good question! Of course, my dream role as a dramatic and somewhat emotional 13-year-old was Eponine (wasn’t it all of ours?)  but nowadays I’d have to say my dream roles are Nessarose from Wicked and Belle from Beauty and the Beat. I like both of these characters because they are smart and inventive, and Nessa specifically because she turns from good to bad which I think is really interesting. I’ve always loved Belle (although the Stockholm syndrome thing has always bothered me a bit 😬) and the music from Beauty and the Beast is some of my all-time favorite!

Yay! Alrighty! Questions answered hopefully satisfactorily. Now I am on to the part where I nominate some fabulous blogs for the Liebster Award! I think the following blogs are really theatrical, exciting, and well-written and I hope you’ll check them all out!

My nominations are:






Now, here are my questions for my nominees:

1. What was your first experience with musical theatre?

2. What is your favorite (musical theatre or non-musical theatre) book of all time?

3. Who completely deserves a Tony Award who doesn’t have one?

4. If you were allowed to star in any show on Broadway from the past or present which show would you choose and why?

5. What show are you dying to see live?

6. What is your favorite cast album of all time?

7. If you had to choose three Broadway best friends who would you choose and why?

8. If you were one character from musical theatre who would you be and why?

9. What made you want to write a blog?

10. Which celebrity or historical figure (musical theatre or non-musical theatre ) has inspired you the most and why?

11. Absolute favorite quote?

Dah dah! That’s about it! I’m so happy to have been nominated and I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Holidays, darlinks!




4 thoughts on “I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!

  1. So glad to see that you did this! I loved all of your answers to the questions! I completely agree on being able to sing “Defying Gravity”, by the way! It’d be so cool to be able to just say (or even know) that I was able to sing all of those notes perfectly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, friend! I haven’t written a blog post in like, I don’t know, 6 months? 9? Not sure my sad three-post-long blog history is worth anything lol. I’ll accept the nomination, though- should be fun! Thanks for nominating me! Oh, and I’m not nearly so well schooled in Musical Theatre, so my answers to your questions will probably end up woefully uneducated. Feel free to gently correct my errant knowledge on this genre 🙂 lolol Happy Holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

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