The Top 5 Greatest Siblings of Musical Theatre!

Hello, my friends!

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was unfortunately in the clutches of a nasty stomach bug, and was pretty much entirely incapacitated. Thankfully, I am back and in the words of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical, so much better than before!

This week I was thinking about siblings, specifically siblings from musicals. In my opinion, some of the sweetest, funniest, zaniest, and most interesting relationships are siblings relationships, and musical theatre certainly has some great ones.

Here are my top favorites, please let me know yours in the comments below!

Heads Up: There are a couple spoilers, so proceed with caution, mes cheris!


Elphaba and Nessarose Thropp – Wicked


The infamous ladies who became the Wicked Witches of the East and the West started out as typical sisters, although one of them did have an interesting skin tone and magical powers.

And okay, yes, Elphaba and Nessarose have their share of conflicts and sort of become bitter enemies at one point but it is obvious to me that they always truly did love each other. When, as in the Wizard of Oz, the inevitable house falls on the Witch of the East, (aka Nessarose) Elphaba is devastated, and many believe that this was the turning point for her to accept her fate as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Something I love about their relationship is that although they each go on to do, well, wickedly big things on their own, Elphaba with her magic and Nessa with her genius inventions, they still remain sisters, and even just through their titles as Witches of the East and West, remain connected.


Davey and Les – Newsies


One of the greatest themes in the musical Newsies is family, and how you don’t necessarily have to be related biologically to someone to feel like family. Davey and Les are biologically related, and they are one of my favorite pairs of musical siblings. After joining the newspaper boys who call themselves “newsies”, Davey and Les help arrange a strike for better wages. Davey is smart and technically minded, and Les is determined and also absolutely adorable; he is supposed to be about ten years old. Together they are heartwarming and a really fabulous representation of brotherly love.


Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze, and Bielke – Fiddler on the Roof


The five sisters in the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof all end up in very different places, but through arguments, marriages, and eventually being forced from their homes, these women remain supportive of each other.

This something I especially love about these siblings. They all go in unconventional directions, but even if they express concern for the other’s life choices, for example, Hodel marries a revolutionary against the Russian government and later follows him to Siberia, (maybe not the best idea…) they still are always there to hold each other up.


Wednesday and Pugsley Addams – The Addams Family


Wednesday and Pugsley are hilarious, flawed, and…monstrous, actually. They constantly torture each other (literally) and really enjoy causing the other pain. In spite of this, it is obvious that they love each other. When Wednesday announces that she has a “normal” boyfriend (that is, not a monster boyfriend) and that she’s bringing him to the Addams’ house for dinner, Pugsley does try to act normal. At least for a little while. When Wednesday wears a bright yellow dress to dinner, instead of the black she has worked for the past eighteen years Pugsley is so upset that she seems to be changing her monsterous ways, that he plans to slip a potion into her food that will make her turn back to the dark side. He doesn’t actually end up doing it, and is gradually able to accept Wednesday’s boyfriend, and Pugsley and Wednesday thankfully retain a (mostly) happy brother and sister relationship. What I love about these siblings is that although they are crazy and definitely stereotypically brother and sister (what with all the torturing), they end up looking out for each other in the end.


The Schuyler Sisters – Hamilton



As the oldest of three sisters, I probably relate the most to Angelica Schuyler, but each of these brilliant and dynamic ladies is inspiring and they are all such great representations of all that sisterhood is. Something that I really admire about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s writing in Hamilton is the way he portrayed these female characters. They are each individual, multi-faceted, and a part of their society and world. And of all of the siblings on this list, I’ve got to admit that Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy are my favorites.


Who are you favorite siblings from musicals? Did I miss any amahzing ones? I would absolutely love to chat with you in the comments below!




7 thoughts on “The Top 5 Greatest Siblings of Musical Theatre!

  1. Never really thought about my favorite sibling group, but some “siblings” are not necessarily biologically related such as all the Newsies. But never really thought about my favorite biological siblings at all. But Davey and Les are a good one

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      1. Whenever I think of relationships, I tend to think of friendships, family with one child, and romances: those are easier to spot

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