Marian Seldes and Embracing the Fabulous: A Theatre Geek Discovers Some Life Truths


“A bit of madness is key.”

-La La Land

Cheerio, my dear friends!

I said I’d be back and I am!

The past week has been rawther crazy. I had to go to college, write an essay, take a quiz, use a vending machine…

I honestly don’t know how I’d still standing. But standing I am, and today, I thought I would tell you all about something I only just realized today, something I believe I have been subconsciously aware of for a while, but which I only just pinpointed as Vital and Fascinating today.

Let me set it up a bit.

Humanity is a wonderful species to be a part of. And whether we know it or not, we are all, as humans, feeding off of eachother at all times. Now, there are many ways this plays out, but it often comes down to something I refer to as Middling.

Middling is a term I just made up here in the public library, and it is defined as “when one does something only halfway, for example, the other day when I was at the outdoor mall I wanted to sing the entire On the Town soundtrack, but I only sang ‘New York, New York, It’s A Helluva Town.’”

That is known as Middling. It is also known as incredible self control.

Middling is oftentimes effective, but the way it becomes not-effective, is when it makes people push down their real personalities.

Let’s face it, we are all different people and we all have different personalities. I’ve always found people’s personalities to be the most fascinating thing ever (except for Broadway, obviously) but I have found myself, at times, trying to mold my personality into something more socially acceptable.

That is not theatrical, my friends.

At this point you may be asking, “but what brought this on, Broadway Lil? We all know you are a professional philosopher and social sciences doctor in addition to being a world-renowned blogist, but still, this seems rather a different route than usual.”

By usual I suppose you mean my Pulitzer-prize worthy prose. You’re right. This should probably win a Nobel, but let’s not get into it.

What brought this on was a video I watched this morning of the actress Marian Seldes. She was in movies and on stage for over 60 years, and won a Tony Award in 1967 for A Delicate Balance, which I know is by Edward Albee without even looking it up. I know.

I have met many theatrical beings in my time as a professional theatre geek, but I swear to you, with my theatrical word, that in all my years as a theatre geek, I have never seen someone with quite so much fabulosity inside of them as Marian Seldes has in this video.

I have attached a link to the video: Attached Link To Video and I recommend you watch it, if you can.

What really speaks to me, in watching Marian Seldes, is that she quite obviously decided to completely and unabashedly be herself and never looked back.

People made fun of her for this fabulousness, but you can see that they do so with a great deal of respect and love. She is wacky, but that is what makes her Marian Seldes, for the love of gosh!

To sum it all up, I was reminded today that we have to live our lives as ourselves everyday.

In the words of the wonderful Ben Platt, “the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.”

We are theatre geeks, after all, a bit of strangeness is in our blood.




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