Theatre Geek Chic: Back-to-School Fashion



“One can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

-Oscar Wilde


I am so thrilled to be back amongst you, my fabulous friends!

I have some rawther exciting news, and this news is the cause of my lack of an appearance on this blogosphere for a bit.

The news is slightly frightening and somewhat exciting and about sixty three percent fabulous.

Here goes.


I, Broadway Lil, am now in-

*gasp, cough, choke*


I know.

You can faint.

Now, as some of you may know, in addition to being enrolled in (community) college I am:

  1. Ageless
  2. Homeschooled (because I am still in high school in addition to being on my newfound college journey. It’s complicated. And I’m ageless, too. It really, really complicated.)

Because of the second item (the homeschooling of moi), I am not extremely used to Going To Public Spaces and being Amongst Beings for honestly, more than three hours at a time.

The three hours being, of course, the time spent by moi attending the theater.

Which technically is like once a year because of my vaguely terrifying financial statues, as an ageless homeschooled highschooler in college. Who is also a theatre geek.


Anyway, something I’ve recently discovered about these Beings whom I haven’t spent much time with (unless you count waiting for twenty three minutes at the bathroom at intermission) is that sometimes they will try to crush your theatrical spirit.

I am not kidding.


Beings, apparently. But also, good news, a lot of beings do not want to crush your theatrical spirit. There are in fact, many beings who also have theatrical spirits to protect.

Now, if you, my dear reader, are of a theatrical inclination, you may have experienced this feeling of Theatrical Crushing, or even Lack of Theatricality, which is another thing that you may find yourself faced with when entering the hemisphere of humanity.

This Lack of Theatricality can, in some ways, actually be the most damaging thing of all, because if the people around you are not theatrical and are in fact not extremely open to you, for just a quick example, wearing a feather boa to English class, you may find yourself questioning your theatrical inclinations.

Even second-guessing your very identity.


The Theatrical Unicorns of the world, as I like to call those of us with theatrical inclinations, cannot let ourselves be quelled and so we must band together. I highly suggest doing what I have attempted to do, (and it is not easy) and that is, surround yourself with The Theatrical Unicorns who will be able to protect your fragile, and somewhat overly emotional theatrical soul.

Now. I realize that that is a lot to take in. I also realize that protecting your theatrical soul is probably exactly what you have been doing all these past years while I’ve been living the life of a dramatical hermit.

But, you know what? I am still here and I am still going to offer you some theatrical advice, because, gosh darnit, I put on a pair of pants today.

Now. I think one of the top struggles/fun parts of Outside school is fashion. Theatrical fashion, specifically, can really be anything you want it to be and because of this, it is one of the most useful tools available to you in your theatrical soul protecting. To break it down, theatrical fashion is really simply about Expressing Yourself (hello, Billy Elliot reference). Once you get on the train you’ll never get off, but just in case you need a little jolt of fabulousity and dramatic inspiration, I, Broadway Lil, present you with:

Theatre Geek Chic: The Back-to-School Edition.

Oh my gosh, this is going to be amahzing. 


Have you ever wondered how to be effortlessly fashionable whilst also being incredibly theatrical in the mix? Yes?

Whelp, thank god I’m here.

The following are my top theatrical back-to-school outfits that will be sure to blow them all away (hello, Hamilton reference) and most importantly, remind you every day of the fabulously beautiful creation that you are!


Theatrical Fashion # 1: The Dramatist

FullSizeRender (85)


This outfit is perfect for any lover of writing, and is especially fabulous if you are taking a lot of English/Drama classes. It also says “director” if you are going for that look. It’s warm enough that you won’t freeze to death but if you decide to add a jacket, you also will probably not perish from heat exhaustion. I like to wear this outfit on days when I am feeling especially dramatic and also when I want to give people a small reminder that I am in charge (if I am, which is almost always) and to not come too close to me.

What You Need:

  • A black turtleneck (this is obviously the most important aspect)
  • A pair of black slacks or blue jeans
  • Black shoes
  • Optional: round, “librarian” glasses (these will give you a dramatic look that I have seen many middle-aged male screenwriters wearing so…)

FullSizeRender (82)

It’s super simple, and if you want to add a touch of glamour, throw on:

  • A pair of black sunglasses and you will look absolutely fantastic.


  Theatrical Fashion # 2: The Fashion Designer

DSC00276 2


Every theatre production needs a good fashion designer and every fashion designer knows the power of a little bit of glitter and color. For this outfit, I was inspired by some of the outfits I noticed kids in the drama department wearing one day as I passed them, gazing longingly at their huddles of fabulousity.

This outfit is perfect for one of those days when you feel a little bit wacky and just need to let your freak flag fly (fabulously, of course) (hello, SHREK the Musical reference). I have days like this, and sometimes when you’re in an environment that doesn’t always value individuality, you need to show through your wardrobe choices, that you still know who you are! (Hint: it starts with an F.)


What You Need:

  • Anything colorful and glittery. I chose to wear this bright blue swing dress because the vibrant color and mod cut remind me of fashion divas of the sixties, like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel!
  • Wacky accessories. I wore a pair of pink glasses that I bought from Forever 21 a while back for a performance I was a part of where we sang Crocodile Rock by Elton John. If you have something interesting and wacky that you love, I suggest you wear it.
  • Fabulous shoes. Everyone has a different definition of fabulous, so do you, boo!
  • Big purses. Perfect to carry all your many books and costumes!
  • Colorful makeup. I’m not a huge makeup wearer but if you swipe on a little face glitter or sparkly eyeshadow, or even some wackily-tinted lipstick, it will add just that more amazingness to your ensemble.



Theatrical Fashion # 3: The Performer


There are days when you just feel a little diva-like and you need to wear something that lets people know this. There are many routes to go for this specific look, but if you add several vital accessories, it will be tied all together quite marvelously.

What You Need:



  • Clothing-wise, you do you, but I suggest a dramatic dress or a pair of pants that screams drama.
  • A small scarf. This will give you a dash of elegance that will help give a name to your fabulous ensemble, and if you need to whack someone across the face with something, a scarf will do the trick quite well.
  • A clutch. A clutch is quite essential because it is light but will keep your belongings safely tucked away. Clutches can be thrown at offensive people who do not understand true theatricality. In this picture I am holding a large purse, which is fabulous as well.
  • Sunglasses. This goes without saying. A good pair of dark or even mirrored sunglasses will scare the untheatrical away and will keep you in a peaceful state of relative darkness.
  • Lipstick. Lipstick will tie your look together, and something that many people don’t realize, if that lipstick can scare people. This is good for those days when you need to keep people away from you, but if you prefer not to wear it, you will still be fabulous.



I hope these outfits will give you inspiration for your theatrical back-to-school fashion journey, and just remember: Your life is and more importantly, YOU are fabulous and perfect right NOW! School is just another leg o’ the journey, and also, you totally got it. She tells herself.

See you next week! Where I will tell you my theatrical tips for dealing with people at school and also how to use vending machines which I recently discovered! 🙂




P.S. Huge shoutout to my darlink photographer/sister, Carolyn! She is amahzing and perfect, follow her journey on Instgram! @carrie_mottern



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