Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda?!

Bonjour, my theatre loving friends!
I, Broadway Lil, have some of the excitingest of exciting news to share with you tonight.
Firstly, can we all just breath a big sigh of relief that Lin-Manuel Miranda has returned to Twitter?
Thank you. Phew, we almost didn’t make it through, but here we are.
Secondly, guess where I’m going tonight?!
A discussion of the writing of Hamilton with the creators of Hamilton at the Pantages Theater!
You can faint.
I am so excited, and am just absolutely bursting with excitement, friends!
Wow, Lil.
I wrote that accidentally and then almost erased it, but then I was like, no, let’s give them a candid shot of what it is actually like to be Broadway Lil. So yup, there you go.
Okay, also, as some of you may know, Hollywood Blvd, where the Pantages Theater is located is literally one of the best/scariest places ever and is what I like to call “the hottest clothing store for theatre geeks in LA”.
I’ve explained it before, in another article, but after every show at the Pantages Theatre, guys line up outside the theater on Hollywood Blvd. and sell show shirts for five dollars each. Whatever show you just saw tried to sell you shirts during intermission, but you can actually just go outside and get possibly illegal copies for a fourth of the price! I know!
I haven’t been to the Pantages for a while, and so I’m really trying to make sure I return in all my former glory, with extra glory too, because I am undoubtedly more fabulous by now.
Returning In All Your Former Glory With Extra Glory Too Because You’re Undoubtedly More Fabulous Now is actually not as easy as it would seem, but it’s also a very exciting part of living a theatrical life and involves a lot of talking in your fake New York accent.
But let’s be honest here. I’m sure we’re all asking ourselves a Very Important Question and that question is, but Lil, is Lin going to be there?
That is a good question, my dear friend, a very, very good question.
And because I adore you all so incredibly much, and also because I am a first-rate spy due to my Many Hours Spent Alone and Deep Haunting Questions, I have endeavored to answer your question, that, admittedly, is also really on my mind to.
Case Number 573: Is Lin-Manuel Miranda Going To Be At The Pantages Theater Tonight?
Investigated By Broadway Lillian The Theatrical
Exhibit One: The Advertisement for this Discussion of Hamilton did not include Lin-Manuel Miranda on the bill of speakers.
Exhibit Two: But Lin-Manuel Miranda got back from vacation today and is supposedly going to be in LA a lot because Hamilton is playing at the Pantages very soon.
Exhibit Three: He also came back to Twitter today.
Exhibit For: The event still sold out without Lin on the ticket, so maybe they-
Exhibit Five: Are going to have him as a special guest.
Exhibit Six: Oh my freaking gosh above.
Is Lin-Manuel Miranda going to be there? Or am I simply fooling myself? At the very least I can eat a Share With Your Friend pack of M&M’s by myself in a beautiful theater and buy a five dollar show shirt. But should I get my hopes up a little?
Oh my gosh, this is just absolutely so exciting.
I will tell you all what happens as soon as is earthly possible, but please just say a little prayer for me…
*She breaks into song in the public library where she has been typing reclusively. The homeless population of Los Angeles join her and they form a kick-line, frightening to behold.*
Goodnight, my friends!


I, Broadway Lil, did not meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. Here is a picture of me post-show. It was a fabulous show, actually, even if Lin wasn’t there.


I have a plan, though. Tomorrow in Los Angeles there will be held a live Ham4Ham Hamilton ticket lottery that is the first live Hamilton lottery in years. I will be attending. I will tell you what happens.


3 thoughts on “Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda?!

  1. Thank you so much!! I didn’t meet him last night but tomorrow he’s going to be hosting a live Hamilton lottery, so keep your fingers and toes crossed if you don’t mind! 🙂


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