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Happy Tuesday, my dear friends!

Today I am here to discuss something that has been getting a lot of attention lately, due to some Circumstances that I will be getting into momentarily.

*sobs with thought of Circumstances*

The thing I am here to discuss with you all today is something you have most certainly already heard about. It’s name is Social Media.

Specifically, Twitter. Specifically, Stan Twitter.

Specificallyer, Broadway Stan Twitter.

Wow. I got it out.

If you have absolutely no clue what I just wrote, just please don’t worry. If you do know what I just wrote, then bask in your knowledge and Don’t Interrupt Me. That is my new philosophy. Bask in your knowledge and don’t interrupt me, kid.

I’m getting pretty mean in my old age.

For a long time, I was a very Oblivious Olive* about the whole internet in general. As some of you may know, I spent a great deal of my formative years lying on my back, reading books that I thought would make me seem smarter.

Whether or they did or not is completely irrelevant.

Lying on your back reading books that you believe will make you seem smarter really is kind of a full-time endeavor and leaves one little time for the internet.

My parents were also going through a hippie stage where they didn’t let us have any computers, so there was that too.

In any case, I wasn’t really exposed to the internet until I was about eleven or twelve. This might sound horrible but I had a pretty blissed-out childhood what with all the 

When me and the internet found each other, though, it was really love at first sight. Can I just reiterate: You can stalk people, you can buy seeming smart books and have them delivered to your home, and you can also freaking have a blog! I just can’t even.

When, at the age of thirteen I made myself a Twitter account I discovered that there are in fact other people in the world who love Musical Theatre and all that it represents just as much as I do! And keep in mind that this was also the beginning of of the Hamilton era and all that it would create and all the people it would bring to Musical Theatre, so Twitter was seriously blowing up with theatre geeks at this point.

And then there was Lin Manuel Miranda.

Lin-Manuel Miranda has a self-proclaimed Twitter problem. He is also the By Default Ruler of something called Broadway Stan Twitter.

But let me back up, real quick.

A History Lesson On Twitter

Twitter is the 120 character limit social media platform made famous by the current head of our country.

(Dang, Lil, are you possibly getting snarky and political?)

It is generally used by the younger population, but there are many older human beans into “tweeting” as it’s known. See how I’m demonstrating effortless cool? Yeah, I know.

Twitter is also used by many celebrities who use it to interact with their fans. These fans quite frequently start Twitter accounts devoted entirely to celebrating, and fanning over a specific well-known person (or, in some cases, a fictional character). This celebrating and fanning is known as “stanning”. Now, Stan Twitter as it is called, is generally made up of the younger generation, mostly those under the age of thirty, and there has, in fact, been a lot of backlash against those on Stan Twitter who are supposedly “too old” to have stan accounts. But because Twitter is for the most part anonymous, this backlash, usually dissolves pretty quickly.

Stan Twitter covers everything from Harry Potter to obscure YouTubers, to Taylor Swift, but in my search for my Broadway people on Twitter, I unknowingly stumbled into something known as Broadway Stan Twitter. Broadway Stan Twitter is very vast, and very geeky. And there are many tears and huge amounts of drama, because it’s made up of theatre people, and as we all know, theatre people are dealing with a lot of emotions and it’s all very intense so IF SOMEONE COULD JUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND, THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

The ringleader and true ruler of Broadway Stan Twitter is Lin-Manuel Miranda. This might be disputable, but I truly don’t think it is.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the person Broadway Stan Twitter turns to for confirmation and inspiration, he is the person who greets Twitter every morning with a new inspirational good-morning note, and closes out the day with a related inspiring good-night tweet. He promotes his young fans on his Twitter account, retweeting their artwork and videos, and he defends them too: I remember a couple months ago when my one of my Twitter friends had her meme stolen by a bunch of really big accounts, Lin smashed the meme-stealers. It was so dramatic. Everyone cried.

Without Lin Manuel Miranda’s Tweets, without Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter, many of us doubt we would be able to function normally, and in thinking it over, I really believe that Broadway Stan Twitter would collapse without him.

So you would assume how bad things would get if Lin-Manuel Miranda, for some reason, left Twitter.

Oh yikes, but he did.

End Of Twitter History


Lin-Manuel Miranda left Twitter in the early part of June. He said he needed a break but that he’d be back, at least probably.

Probably? You say?

He’ll probably be back?

I admit it. I added the probably for dramatic effect. Not that it needs it though. Because when Lin-Manuel Miranda left Twitter, everything fell apart. I know you’re a theatre geek and I know you like drama, so let me get right into it.


To start, everyone started getting depressed. And they started getting a lil’ overly snarky too. It’s like when your parents leave you and your siblings alone and you start going at each other’s’ throats. But it was only the stan accounts, there also started to be issues within the professional Broadway community itself.

Javier Munoz, the man who currently plays the role of Hamilton on Broadway is known on Twitter as kind of a hurtful person. Not super hurtful, but hurtful enough. He has a history of eratically blocking people and his signature line is #ByeFelicia, which basically means “get lost you idiot”. And he uses it kind of a lot.


I agreed (and still agree) with Javi that blocking hate and bad energy is important for living a healthy lifestyle,  and although I didn’t pay that much attention to his timeline, I’d always for the most part supported what he was doing.

But then he started blocking people who were trying to be kind to him, and he even blocked someone when they asked about his favorite kind of water.

And because by this point, most of Broadway Stan Twitter was blocked from his account (most people who left comments on the whole kaboodle got blocked as well), there was kind of an uproar against Javier Munoz. I’m not saying this for sure wouldn’t have happened if Lin had still been here, but I’m also totally saying that. 

I, because of my peaceful tendencies, did not get blocked, and because of this I have been able to watch it all take place from the sidelines. It has been very instructive. When everything happened with Javier Munoz, I realized that Lin is the peacekeeper of Twitter, and we need him, if everything is going to go on as it’s supposed to.

I was having lots of feelings* so I turned to the one place I know I can get information and support. Broadway Stan Twitter.

I asked some of my fellow theatre geeks their opinions on what’s going on on Twitter currently, and like the lovely and theatrical people that they are, they answered. And they let me publish their thoughts (thanks so much you guys, I love you!)

Me aka:

@_BroadwayLil What do you guys think about the Javier Munoz thing? Do you feel like he over-reacted?

Anonymous: I feel bad for him because he’s been through a lot. But, the way he acts on social media, Twitter in particular, is…awful. He treats fans poorly for absolutely nothing at all and he claims to spread love, but usually only spreads negativity and calls people that disagree with him “dumb.” I was blocked for literally tweeting “So tired of seeing negativity on my timeline” and a person had quoted said tweet and tagged him. Like ??? Huh.

@_BroadwayLil Do you feel like when Lin left, Twitter got weird, or do you think it’s still pretty much the same?

 @fuckyeahtveit I feel like there’s a void on the timeline, twitter isn’t the same without his good morning and good night tweets

@sunriseIoves people turn problematic when lin isn’t here

@hamiltonmsical Yeah! bway stan twitter has kinda gotten at each others throats

@wrightmywayout Lin-Manuel not being on twitter– it just feels a little empty. He always has something uplifting to say, whether it just be a quick good morning or sharing something that he loves/likes/whatever with us. He mostly ignores negativity and is mature and kind in the way that he presents himself.

@_BroadwayLil  Guys, thank you so much

So that concludes my somewhat unpolished first interview with the real theatre geeks of Twitter. They are so wonderful for bearing with me as I try to appear as if I have some clue about what  I’m doing. I think, they answered our question, though. We need Lin back, and fast. Now excuse me while I sob uncontrollably for the next hour…

*softly at first and then gaining intensity*

“God on higgghhhh high, hear my prayer…in my need you have always been there, bring him hoooome, bring him HOME, BRING HIM HOMEMEEEEE!!!

*breaks down in tears*


See you next week. 



Again, a HUGE thank you to all y’all on Twitter who answered my questions with such grace and thoughtfulness, it means a lot that you let me publish your insights and opinions. Theatre Geeks Forever! xo


*I stole that from a book. Picasso said it’s good to steal, so shut up about it.

*Well what’s new?

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    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it, it was something that I thought would be interesting to explore because it is something that permeates so many people’s day to day lives.
      Thanks so much for reading!

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