New York, New York Day Three: Sugar, Butter, Flour (In Many Forms)



Somehow, as things went along in The Greatest City In The World, Broadway Lil found that things just got better and better. And more and more dramatic. The two are synonymous as everyone knows.
I can’t believe I’m in New York City, it’s just kind of too exciting. Today I was able to see one of my just very, very favorite shows in the whole world, Waitress, which has lyrics and music by Sara Bareilles.

IMG_5023Of course I would have loved the show just for the fact that Sara Bareilles also stars in it, but the show itself was just so wonderful that it truly took my breath away. I tend to be a person who feels many different emotions at many different times and I swear to gosh, sitting here on this computer, if I just think back to certain moments or songs from the show, I start tearing up. It really meant a lot to me.
I don’t believe I’ve ever really written about this, and it isn’t something I think we need to focus hugely on here but there are not very many female composers of musical theatre. So to be able to see this show, which was, in fact, produced, written, composed, and directed completely by women, was very inspiring and empowering to me. I don’t know if you are familiar with the plot of Waitress but it is (I won’t spoil it, I swear) about a woman named Jenna who works at a diner in a small town and who becomes pregnant with her abusive husband’s baby but doesn’t want the baby but then things happen and, well. It is a beautiful story about-
See? There I go. Crying when I’m in a professional setting? What is even happening to me? What is this blog becoming?
-about women and their relationships with each other and with the world. When we left the theater I was definitely tearing up, but there was a girl close to my age who was full-out sobbing. That is how much this musical means to people!
If you listen to the soundtrack you will. be so, so glad you did. Here is a link because I love you:  Waitress Soundtrack
My favorite song is called “When He Sees Me”, and not listening to it is Not Allowed.
And the cookie dough. Well. It’s kind of a thing. It’s served like ice cream in scoops. In cones and cups. In many flavors. Cookie dough served like ice cream? What is New York City?


The shop is called Do, but the “o” part has a little line of over it so that you can pronounce it as “dough”. I know. The shop itself is very adorable and smells delish. You can also buy ice cream containers of cookie dough to bring home. This is me waiting in line to order. I look pretty excited and also hungry.

Well, anyway, while cookie dough in a chocolate cookie cone is the best food ever, it is also something that takes quite a while to recover from. Let’s just say that I wasn’t doin’ so good for a while. I had to collapse on the subway and pretend I was probably about to faint for a while. I’m better now, though, thankfully. Maybe I will go back to Do. I always say eating cookie dough from a cone is like theatre, which is like childbirth*: during the process things can feel kind of dreadful and frightening but once it’s all over you can only remember the good bits.
My workshop has been going well, although in some ways it has been difficult being a sixteen year old girl in a workshop consisting mainly of middle-aged men, some of whom are, to be honest, which I have to be, horror shows. I think when you are dealing with people who are in the market to give you a hard time just for the sake of giving you a hard time and maybe also because you are young and different, it is important to remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. For me, the answer to that question is, I am doing it because I love to write and I love Broadway. So then I have to feel my feelings about the horror shows and then leave and write something. I’ve loved every second of being here in New York (even the bits where I almost fainted and where the middle-aged men were saying things that caused me to do my Patti LuPone face) (it ain’t pretty) but sometimes I feel like I’m getting swallowed up. Then I have to remember why I’m here. And that is why I am typing furiously by the dim light of a lamp at 3 O’Clock on the morning.
Tomorrow awaits us! I swear there’s going to be a lot of drama because of Certain Plans I Have, so tune in, one and all!


*I think


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