New York, New York Day Two: Drama and Peril In The Big Apple

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I stood there. My heart pumped loudly in my chest and I wasn’t sure if I was still alive. Sometimes one isn’t.

People raced around, dodging the tall girl with the mildly disturbing glasses as she stood staring up at the huge faces of Sara Bareilles and Elphaba The Wicked Witch.

I had arrived in Times Square.

When one is very much extraordinarily excited about something, and if they have been running on nothing but adrenaline and the best pizza in Chelsea (it really is good) for, like, a long time, they will begin to experience something I like to refer to as Almost Fainting In The Middle Of The Road.

I told you there would be drama.

I was so much overcome by lack of sleep and the thrill of the fact that the bathroom code for the 49th street Starbucks was 24601, that I began to question my very existence and feel as though I might faint. This can happen a lot to theatre geeks. In fact, if you ran a study I am sure that you would find that theatre geeks have at least a fifty five percent higher chance of fainting in any given situation than normal people. They also probably have a higher chance of singing “Ding, Dong the witch is dead” very, very loudly in the case of a mugging which is what Carol Burnett did when she had just moved to New York and was almost getting mugged at 2:00am one time. Scared the mugger off like a charm. But that’s another story of course.

Anyway, I had to sit down, so I did (in the Drama Bookshop, the greatest bookshop on earth possibly) and then I was sort of okay. Ish. When is one ever “okay” in New York City, that is my question? How can you be “okay” when you live in the greatest city of the world? And if, for some unknowable, unfounded reason you cannot be “fabulous” you must at least be able to be to be “tragical” or “inconsolable” or “insane” or something nice and good like that.

New York is literally incredible.

I also found time to go to Lincoln Center and the Met (are they the same building? Maybe someone can fill me in. I don’t know very much at times) and was able to admire all the opera goers in their lovely outfits. I also ran around like a maniac because I wanted to get some nice pictures and also, let’s be real, running around like a maniac is kinda my thing.

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Here are some bits from my adventures. Also: I accidentally banged a woman in the head with my umbrella and she yelled something New Yorky at me. It was very emotionally damaging but also dramatic.


I thought this building was beautiful. In LA we mostly have huge stucco shacks painted a strange shade of tannish olive, so it’s nice to see some things like this.

(I love LA, though. Of course.)

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And I also was just walking along and found The Rainbow Room which was supes exciting.

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And tomorrow awaits me. My workshop has begun and all is going according to plan (AKA fabulously wondrously marvelous) but I will write more about it tomorrow!

Love you all!




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