The Top 5 Reasons Hamilton Is Not Over: A Theatre Geeks Smashes The Haters

“The world will never be the same”.

-Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

Cheerio, my darlings!

I hope you’re doing absolutely smashingly today. This past weekend was one of my very best because of one absolutely marvelous thing: The LA Times Festival of Books happened.

The LA Times Festival of Books, something that occurs every year in Southern California, is an event filled with wacky authors, boba, many variations of the Oxford shoe, and of course, gobs and gobs of books.

Now let us take a step back and confirm something. This is a blog about Broadway is it not?

You’re right. Who am I even, going around mentioning boba in this sacred place of black turtlenecks and too much vibrato?

I’m sorry.

But the thing is, I have rather a good reason for bringing up The LA Times Festival of Books. It is quite a simple reason, granted, but also quite a profound and shocking one.

I, Broadway Lil, whenst I was chopping around the Festival of Books at an alarming rate and waving a venti cup of iced coffee like Olympic victory torch, came across something. What I came across filled my heart with such a degree of joy that I almost fainted. What I came across filled my lungs with such a large capacity of air that I screamed with absolute panic and excitement.

What I came across was a Young Adult novel about Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler as teenagers. In love. At the Schuyler Ball.

FullSizeRender (3)

What is freaking LIFE?!!

That is my question.

After finding this book and getting it signed by its author, Melissa de la Cruz, I was very happy and sort of hyper-ventilating and that is when I realized something.

Whatever some people may say, Hamilton is very much, definitely, unequivocally, not over. You may or may not have gotten this from people at one time or another, but whatever they say, Hamilton isn’t over.

Here are the top five things that prove Hamilton is, in fact, just the gift that keeps giving, and if you feel the need to show this list to the haters who say we need to move on, goshdarnit, I will be very, very proud.


  1. Hamilton on YouTube

Because of the fact that theatre geeks tend to be very (very, very, very) vocal about their love of musical theatre, many successful YouTube channels have sprung up following Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ground-breaking creation, created by Hamilton fans wanting to express their love to a wider audience. I, as in avid YouTube watcher, have come across many videos detailing exactly what happens when you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack (tears, mostly) and how to dress like Angelica Schuyler with a modern twist (pink is a must). Lately I have been taken in by a channel called Spamilton. Created by a group of friends, this channel is completely dedicated to remaking and acting out Hamilton songs, but everyone in the video is wearing a Lin-Manuel Miranda mask. I know. It’s disturbing. It’s incredible.




  1. Hamilton in The Fashion World


Not only have YouTubers been inspired by Hamilton to create stunning outfits, the geeky design company, Elhoffer, has created a line of Hamilton-inspired pieces that I am absolutely obsessed with. With outfits inspired by all the characters from Hamilton, you can absolutely be the geekiest geek in your geekdom. If you are in the possession of funds, that is, which I, usually, am not.


Not only have designers been creating pieces inspired by Hamilton, celebrities have taken up the trend too. At the 2016 Met Gala, Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in a Hamilton-inspired outfit that, honestly, is just the absolute best thing ever.




  1. 3. The Makeup To Spark A Revolution 


If you’re a makeup lover, you too can join the Hamilton Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving revolution!  Makeup company, Pretties For Your Face, has created two Hamilton-inspired makeup pieces that are a must for any makeup-loving Hamilton fan. Firstly, an eyeshadow pallet which boasts of containing the true Hamilton gold and secondly, a multi-purpose face glitter inspired by the dusty rose of Angelica Schuyler’s iconic gown. I know.


  1. Alex and Eliza: A Love Story


When I came across this book, I just absolutely died. I am, firstly, a HUGE bookworm, secondly love YA literature, and thirdly and most obviously, will love Hamilton ‘till the end.

Ergo, Alex and Eliza: A Love Story is my new favorite book. If you haven’t heard of it, basically it is told from the alternating perspectives (in third person) of Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler when they, as teenagers, first meet at the famous Schuyler Ball. I will post a review of it when I am finished because, lemme tell you, things could not be getting any better in the Hamilton world.



1.YOU Must Keep It Alive

You, yes, you dear reader, are the most important tool in proving once and for all that HAMILTON IS NOT OVER. My tips for you are to:

  1. Listen to the soundtrack more than once per day, ‘cause seriously, once not enough
  2. Tell anyone who for some inexplicable and deeply horrifying reason does not know what Hamilton is, about Hamilton and also bring them to the doctor to confirm they are not suffering from some horrible condition
  3. Stalk Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Twitter constantly for all and any signs that he could be writing a sequel

If we don’t let go of our clutching hold on it, Hamilton will never, ever, ever be over.


(Theatre geeks are so evil)





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