Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Top 11 Moments Thus Far (With Pictures)


“Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me.”
-Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hello, my dears!
I was recently living the dream, as is usually the case, and I realized something. After I realized the thing that I realized, I said to myself, “self you’ve never written anything solely on Lin-Manuel Miranda. And he is basically the only person any of us care about, if we’re being perfectly honest, which we usually are. Thus, you’ve let everyone down ‘Broadway Lil’”.
I can be quite harsh.
I shouldn’t have waited so long to do this, though. Also, I’m listening to the Rent soundtrack, specifically “One Song Glory”, and am probably going to start crying uncontrollably pretty soon, so this is your warning, you stoic (we both know we’re pretty much bundles of nerves) being.

11) Jesus Christ Superstar

Lin-Manuel Superstar
For those of you who love Andrew Lloyd Webber as much as I do, Jesus Christ Superstar is a piece of the history of genius. Andrew and Tim Rice wrote it when they were in their early 20’s and it was one of the first rock operas created. Basically, it couldn’t get any better in my mind.
Until the above picture happened.
I know.
Apparently Lin played Jesus Christ when he was in High School and absolutely rocked it, as you will be able to see from this handy video hyper-link which I have provided.

Handy Video Hyper-Link

Go, be free, watch. Come back soon. Don’t start watching Buzzfeed, I’m much more entertaining than Buzzfeed. DON’T START WATCHING BUZZFEED YOU TRAITOR!Things You’ll only Understand If You’re A Lin Freak By Buzzfeed
Got you back, didn’t I?I am quite clever that way. Let’s take a brief recess and test your Lin knowledge, darlings.

Things You’ll Only Get If You’re a Lin Freak: A Brief Recess

  • Yay Hamlet!

Hopefully that was fun for you. Now we have to keep going before they take my computer away and make me go to bed.

10) The Hair To Save A Nation

Lin is known for a lot of things, but probably the one we all cried about was his hair. A.k.a. when he cut it off. It used to be long and beauteous but then he cut it, goshdarn. It was a very dark time. You probably think I have issues now. You’re probably correct, although, of course-
Yes, you’re probably correct.

9) To Life! Getting Married With Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin, at some point in his life, decided to do something that broke most of me and my dear friend’s hearts. It is known as Get Married. Yeah, I know. I…
Oh gosh no one was supposed to know I had that…
That. That went…well. Not.
Lin got married. Um. He got, married and it was all a very fabulous affair because he performed “To Life” from Fiddler on The Roof during the reception. Of his marriage. Anyway, I put another hyper-link over there so you can watch it with tears in your eyes, but come back, because I’m going to stop sobbing uncontrollably pretty soon…

Just go…GO…leave me!

8) SNL

I’m back. I watched Legally Blonde. I’m fine. I’m good. Forget anything happened.
A while ago, Lin did something very spectacular. It was called Host Saturday Night Live. Now. I am one of those people who is super obsessed with 30 Rock, so the fact that Lin was going to host a wondrous show that had been directly involved with Tina Fey was the highlight of my month, in fact I was so excited that I tried to call up some people to throw a party to celebrate and-
Okay, let me get real with you for a second. I, Broadway Lil, am a very fabulous person who once definitely almost got close to being cast in Hamilton (I sang “Big Girls Don’t Cry” in my audition, for god’s sake! What were they thinking?) but I, Broadway Lil, lack something pretty important.
I lack a television.
This lack has been a source of great pain for me in the past, but it was most prominent on October 8th, 2016, the day Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted Saturday Night Live.
There was a lot of pain. I watched the YouTube version the next day. I lived. Let me continue.

7) Lin Is An Author

Lin wrote a book. It is about him writing Hamilton and if you were wondering about that book I’m always holding in all my blog photos, now you know. That’s his book. He is a genius.

Here is me holding the Hamilton book at different stages in my career.

6) Lin Is A Poet

Last year, after Hamilton won the Tony Award, and we all got hyped up to hear the acceptance speech that we were sure Lin was going to rap, he surprised us. He surprised everyone. He kind of started a globally used cry for equality. He wrote a sonnet. He is a genius.

5) Lin Can Play The Flute.
Lin can, in addition to write books and poetry, play “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper on the flute. I found out because I watched a video compilation on YouTube titled something like “Lin-Manuel Miranda Is STILL Adorable!”. Now, I of course was overjoyed and wanted to show everyone I know, but horribly, somehow I have not been able to find the video again. This is a tragedy, and one of the deepest regrets I have in my life is the fact that I didn’t bookmark the page or at least screen-shot record (I don’t know what it’s called, goshdarn) the video and put it in an underground vault.

4) The Friend-Ship* to Save A Nation


Do you remember when the only thing anyone in their right mind could talk about was these two?
Lin and Jonathan Groff have known each other since In The Heights was just running and they were reunited when Lin asked Jonathan Groff to play King George in Hamilton. They made the most adorable videos before the show in their costumes and had the loveliest friendship ever. We all also kind of shipped them as a couple, obviously that was not to be, but still. How much cuter could they possibly be?
(Stop freaking OUT so much, Broadway, you are an embarrassment to the Lil name, goshdarn!!)
Sorry you had to witness that.

3) The Musical That Changed Our Life

When Hamilton happened, nothing was ever the same. Um, duh. But before Hamilton there was, of course, In The Heights. Lin wrote In The Heights when he was in college and it went on to win the Tony award and be very popular and amahzing. Well, I am ageless, as all of you know, but I am going to say that when In The Heights happened I was very, very young, immature, and going through my Country Music Stage. Therefore, In The Heights and all that it was and is, was lost on me. Now, obviously, I Fully Appreciate it and listen to the soundtrack whenever possible. If you want to know my honest opinion, though, and you usually don’t, I like Hamilton more.
Please don’t maul me.

2) The King Of Twitter

Reasons I Like Twitter:

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda is the King of Twitter
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda writes about what he’s writing about a.k.a., he wrote about writing Hamilton before it was written
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda writes replies to people who tweet him i.e., my multiple friends with his photo for their profile picture

Reasons I Hate Twitter

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda has never replied to me

Sadly, this is the truth. And sadly, too, it is a point of great distress for me. Ah, the troubles of Twitter-freak weirdos who love Broadway.

Okay, let me stop for a second here. I’ve really covered a lot of bases. If you didn’t absolutely love Lin before, I am sure that you now do. Thanks to my, you know, powerfully worded writing and incredible prose. And everything. It’s just…it’s just, well been a ball, fangirling with you. I feel sort of sad that I have to stop writing and Be More Normal now, but probably I’ll just have to do Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Top 11 Moments So Far With Pictures 2. Okay. I’m fine. I can do this.

1 ) Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Born
What more can I say? If we’re all being perfectly honest**, I think we can all agree that being born was our greatest accomplishment. In addition to being perfect and everything.

See you soon!

*See how I made a pun? Wasn’t that clever?

**which we once in a while are

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