What is Your True Theatrical Calling?


“I was a personality before I became a person.”

-Barbra Streisand

Hello, hello, hello!

I just thought of something. Did I ever take the time to tell you how theatrical you are? I know you probably get that a lot…I just thought I should remind you. Everyone else reading this thinks I’m talking about them, but tickety boo, darling, you know better.

Anyway, my week was absolutely splendiferous. I sort of forget what happened but I think it involved a lot of musical theatre and passive aggressive emails, both things being, of course, quite essential to the theatrical life.

My musical is going quite well, for those of you who were wondering. It’s shaping up to be the extravaganza of a lifetime. Sort of. Mostly. And here’s the thing, I was sort of hoping you’d come. Yes, I really was. Erm. Well, I rather don’t know if I should be revealing this kind of classified information, but I think I can trust you, theatrical as you are, darling. My musical, which as of now has a title that two teenagers thought of at 9 o’clock at night over an exceedingly ratty black notebook (mine) and a bag of vending machine spoils (my collaborator’s), and which I will not reveal for the sake of my future, will be playing on March 12th at 7pm at the Wallis Annenberg Centre for the Performing Arts.

There. It’s out. I’m sure someone will make me take this off the internet (my parents) for absolutely scandalous reasons (they don’t want someone to kidnap me) but if you read my blog as you’re supposed to you will know, and you were the main person I was hoping would show up.

Now. Now for the news of the day.


Have you, yes YOU ever felt adrift, afloat, unmoored, unanchored, drifting, loosened from your post, falling t


Did you just interrupt me to NITPICK? Even Sondheim used a Thesaurus, busta. SONDHEIM! THE BIG GUY! SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE! A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON-

Okay, yeah, sorry, I know. I have neighbors, yes, I remember, sorry, sorry.

Just…excuse me for a moment.

Whew. I’m back. Just had to go on a European Cruise, buy the Richard Rogers Theater, win 12 Tonys and MEET LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA to recover from THAT RUDENESS!


Let me see if I can continue in spite of that interruption. (I’m so good at writing passive aggressive emails is you couldn’t guess)


Have you, yes YOU ever felt adrift, afloat, unmoored, unanchored, drifting, loosened from your post, falling towards absolute doomsday? We’ve all felt that way, yessiree bob, but is there a possibility, darling friend, that you simply haven’t found your true calling yet? Yeah, I know, I am way insightful. A true calling can really help things along, don’t ya now. And so that is why I (you knew this was coming), Broadway Lil have worked day in and day out to assist you in your true-calling quest. Aka: I made you a fantabulous quiz. With my own two hands. Yeah I know. This fantabulous quiz will determine with complete and verifiable accuracy your true theatrical calling. No money back guarantee, but worth every penny!

You’re welcome.

Broadway Lil’s Fantabulous Quiz To Determine Your True Theatrical Calling of Joy

 P.S. I’m so sorry about the lateness of this post. My musical-writing has really start to get rather crazy and although it’s not a great excuse, it IS very theatrical.


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