The Best Musical Movies of all Time!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!

Valentine’s day, as any reasonable person will agree, is one of the best holidays ever. You get to dress like Elle Woods for the day, over use stickers, and eat chocolate. How could it get any better?

Actually, yes. You’re right, my friend. A MUSICAL could make Valentine’s Day even better. Could make it even POSSIBLY top Christmas. Is this possible? Thankfully for us, like, 100% of musicals are about love. And since the biggest bit that makes Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day is the love bit, VALENTINE’S DAY IS PRETTY MUCH A MUSICAL!

I have such good logic.

On this particular Valentine’s Day you must, if you haven’t already, go see La La Land, which I recently watched, and which I REALLY LOVED. I was a little worried going in, worried that the Holy Sacredness of Theatre Would Be Messed Up By Non-Broadway People and all that horridness that goes through every theatre person’s mind the moment they see “Johnny Depp as The Wolf” on the Into The Woods Poster, but I was very happified by this amahzing movie, no thanks to many of my loud, obnoxious friends who spend a lot of time slamming things including La La Land. They’re theatre geeks. They slam things. They’ve been through a lot. Goodness help them.

Moving on.

After I watched La La Land, I realized something. The something I realized is that musical movies are the best and we should all be watching them every single day, goshdarnit. And I’m no movie critic, but I do know all the lyrics to Hamilton, so here am I, Broadway Lil, telling you The Best Musical Movies of the Past and Also The Future, and “you’re welcome” and I hope you’re not getting bored of me, I really do, and considering things, maybe you are, but just please don’t, I love you, you the best.





This musical recently had it’s LIVE spectacular on NBC but the movie came before that and the movie is am-AH-zing! Except for the fact that Harvey Firestein probably should have revived his role as Edna Turnblad, everyone was very theatrical and Zac Efron was even in it. What more incentive do you even need to watch anything?

Sweeney Todd


I seem to have hit a wall already. Good heavens, am I losing my knack? Considering the fact that I’ve never actually watched Sweeney Todd, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, although also considering the fact that I have been known to carry on long conversations with people about Harry Potter, boy wizard (who’s books I’ve never read), maybe it should. I put Sweeney Todd on this list because I have been informed by the loud, obnoxious friends who slam things, that it is very good and creepy and funny and so I will take their advice. And if you like the stage version, than even better.


Funny Girl


Just seeing the words “Funny Girl” written out makes me have an acute need to rewatch this splendiferous movie. Our queen, Barbra Streisand, stars as the fabulous Fanny Brice who just wants to be a starr and since it was early in Barbra Streisand’s carrier when she made this, you can sort of wink at whoever’s watching with you and whisper, “ think she’s gonna make it big, mate.”

I don’t know why I automatically assumed that you’d be Australian. That’s weird. I’m weird.



Liza Minnelli Cabaret

Liza Minnelli.

That is all one really needs to know, but let me elaborate. Liza Minnelli’s carrier as a person being fantabulous (and also as a person being a performer) really began, or at least they all say it began, with this movie. And so don’t you freaking think you should watch it? Yes. Me too.

Me too…

Okay, fine, I’ve only watched her singing “Life is a Cabaret” on YouTube and was trying to sound like I watch movies ever. But I will watch it as soon as I can!




Okay, this is the Future part of The Best Musical Movies of the Past and Also The Future. I recently found out from a very reliable source that the script for the Wicked movie is in the works as we speak AND I JUST CAN’T WAIT!




You’re probably rubbing your eyes and being like, “girl, seriously?”

Of course I had to put Frozen on here. I’m much more cliche than one would think.

What is so great about Frozen, for me and I know for a lot of other people, is a lot more than the music and theatre aspect, although that is the main thing. I have two sisters and the sister/sisterhood part? It gets me every time.


High School Musical 3

You read that correctly, yes you did. High School Musical 3 is the best musical movie of all time.

Well, sort of. I didn’t number the movies on this list exactly for this reason which is I like all these movies the same. Except for the ones I didn’t watch.

I am so bad at making lists of movies.

Whatever, let me continue. High School Musical 3 is VERY MOVING. And a lot of drama happens. And the two main characters almost break up but instead waltz around the Stanford campus, there is an entire song devoted to going to prom (which, coincidentally, I have never attended, due to my school’s low quantity of students) (I’m homeschooled), and a song and dance number which takes place in a car part trash dump.

Here is some evidence.


It is a very good movie. Take that haters.


Now I have to go hunt down a chocolate covered fruit of some kind.





6 thoughts on “The Best Musical Movies of all Time!

  1. There are many wonderful musicals in existence in my opinion. Romance after all is the most common aspect of the musical world. In almost every single musical it seems have romance and some have it more complex than others like a love triangle or something around those lines

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