Why People Should Read Plays

“I am convinced that no one is fully educated without a full grounding in the arts.”

-Edward Albee


fullsizerender-2Hi darling friends!

It’s been raining off and on for the past week and it’s been rather on the traumatizing side so I’ve taken out Lillian’s Musical Theatre Quote Collection and looked through it for some appropriately comforting things to share with the citizens of Los Angeles. A NOTE: The citizens of Los Angeles aren’t that good with rain.

Lillian’s Musical Theatre Quote Collection is a tradition long-held by theatre geeks and was invented by me today. It involves collecting all the quotes from every single musical ever written in the history of the world and categorizing the quotes into different topics. So far I have one category with two quotes in it, and although it will probably take every second of every day of the rest of my entire life to collect all the quotes from all the musicals ever written, I hope doing so will make the world a better place. To the citizens of Los Angeles, I offer these words.


“Don’t rain on my parade. Except for guess what? Rain will make the FLOWERS GROW.”

I’m really starting to reconsider Lillian’s Musical Theatre Quotes Collection.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot. As some of you may know from some earlier confessions of a teenaged theatre geek (read here) I have been a book fiend since the age of seven. I love all kinds of books but probably the form of literature that has made the biggest impact upon me has been plays. Wasn’t that well worded? That was so well worded. Granted it makes sense that a theatre freak like me is interested in anything to do with Broadway, and that is one of the main reasons I first became interested in reading plays, but I’ve been thinking about it and I realize that a lot can be gained from reading Edward Albee and William Inge even if you are not a theatre geek. Also, girl, if you’re not reading plays and you are a theatre geek, well.

Pardon me while I have a fainting spell from disbelief and have to have smelling salts and it’s all very dramatic and heart-wrenching and my fur stole pools around me like a halo of death.

I’m back.

As most of you probably know, I am writing a musical. I didn’t realize it until I was about halfway finished, but during the writing process I copied a lot of plays I’d read. Not plagiarized copied, but was inspired by copied. Probably my favorite playwright is Edward Albee who wrote The Zoo Story, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and a lot of other absurdist narratives of humanity. Wasn’t that well worded too? I’m kind of blowing my own mind here. What’s interesting to me about Edward Albee’s style of writing and the content of his plays is that the people in them are such real representations of civilization and people in general, that they kind of aren’t real. And by reading his plays I personally feel that I’ve gained more insight into who people actually are and how much people really have in common. But I think that this is true of many different playwrights. Well, anyway, I decided to make my musical slightly absurdist. Thanks Edward. I’m sure that, to the people who come to see it, it’ll actually seem pretty much regular but AT LEAST I KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING FOR. Pardon the outburst.

What I’m getting around to saying is this: People should read plays. People should read plays because people will like plays. People will benefit from plays. Plays can help people understand each other better. If you think about it, plays are just words and actions written by people to be taken by other people and turned into other words and actions, they are just different people’s words and actions. They are really representations of humanity.

Even if they are kind of weird sometimes.

Read plays, my friends, read plays. Also, P.S., if you are Highly Sensitive like I am you might want to know that a lot of plays could potentially temporarily scar you. Just saying just mentioning.




P.P.S If you have a fave play pu-leeese let me know in the comments ⬇ because I REALLY WANT TO KNOW OKAY?! I just do. Oh, also, is it good that I’ve been putting a theatrical quote in every blog post? Because I think it’s really fun! 💖

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