The Top Eleven Things That Happened on Broadway in 2016

Happy new year!

I hope your New Year was amahzing.

Except, guess what? Surprise, surprise, Theatre Geeks have their own new year, it wasn’t yesterday, and now you don’t even have to go the gym! The Theatre Geek New Year takes place at the beginning of September, which is when the Broadway season officially begins. So what were we all freaked out about, anyway?

This year (if you think it really is the new year which it isn’t) (so ha) has been filled with a lot of ups and downs for people. A lot happened and I think it’s important to remember the amazhzingness as well as the non-amahzingness.

That is why I am here. Please join me, Broadway Lil, New Year Rebel, on my journey to recount the

Top Eleven Moments in Broadway That Happened During the Regular New Year Notice That There Are Eleven That Proves Broadway Lil is a Real Rebel She Knows You Know This But She Just Wanted to Tell You Again.

Wow, how exciting! I am really rebellious. So laid back and groovy, um, man. New year new me, right?

Please excuse me for just a sec, I have to go insert proper punctuation into the title.

Phew, that’s better.

The Top Eleven Broadway Occurrences that took place During the Regular New Year*. Notice That There Are Eleven Broadway Occurrences. This Proves That Broadway Lil is a Real Rebel. You May Already Be Aware of This, But She Wanted to Project An Image of Confidence and Inform You Of It Again.

*In other words, the Gregorian Calendar New Year.

The Gregorian calendar is internationally the most widely used civil calendar.[1][2][3] It is named after Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in October 1582.

There. Much better.


Number Eleven-Broadway HD


Netflix and chill? How about BroadwayHD and chill?

Esh, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry.

This year, Theatre Geeks everywhere were binge-watching musicals. Plus, they weren’t even using counterfeit money to buy tickets to Broadway shows! This year was the year that BroadwayHD, the Netflix-esc video streaming platform was born, making it possible for theatre geeks to stream professional (and official, yes I’m looking at all you bootleg people) recordings of Broadway musicals and plays on their computers. Not the movie versions of musicals and plays, recordings of the shows themselves. There is a big difference. They began the program with a live stream of She Loves Me and even though they haven’t published the likes of Hamilton or Fun Home quite yet, we are all very thrilled.


Number Ten-Deaf West’s Spring Awakening


Deaf West’s production of Spring Awakening was tear-jerking, to put it lightly. I know they were nominated for a Tony for Big River a while back, but in my opinion they were so much better this time around. Spring Awakening is a tough piece of theatre and the way that they made it their own was truly beautiful. This has really been a year for diversity in the arts and it’s very exciting and inspiring. Also, hello, because of it’s dance-like quality, American Sign Language makes perfect sense in musical theatre. Why not before? That is my question.


Number Nine-Schuyler Sister Fashion Shoot.

tumblr_o6rtkxugdl1ur9ujbo1_1280This happened. I know.


Number Eight-La La Land


When was the last time, literally, when was the last time, that a live-action, full length, made-for-theaters, musical movie was released? * Everyone stares at the embarrassed-looking blonde teenager who forgot about Into The Woods. *

Okay, whatever. La La Land is still a big deal and I can’t wait to see it.


Number Seven-Jasmine and Anthony.


If you are not up-to-date on all your Hamilton stars, I will be sort of forgiving but mostly really not because guess what you missed, Betrayer Of All That is Good and Beautiful? Jasmine Cephas Jones who played Peggy in Hamilton and Anthony Ramos who played John Laurens, have been dating since, like, October. I know. *cries hysterically for three hours *

Okay, good to get that out of my system. What’s next?


Number Six-Lin’s Hair


This ⬇turned into that. ➘



Some of us cried our eyes out. It was a dark time.


Number Five-Debbie Reynolds and Edward Albee.


This is a sad one.

This year we lost two incredibly influential and important parts of the theatre community. Debbie Reynolds, the epitome of class in addition to being a renowned dancer, actress, and business woman, and Edward Albee, the renowned writer of many very intelligent (and honestly, kind of scary) plays. They are both so missed. ❤❤❤



Number Four-The Tony Awards AKA this:


Can I just say how incredible Cynthia Erivo is? Okay, ’cause she really did steal the entire Tony Awards.


Number Three-Lin’s speech (sorry for all the gifs)


Yeah, wow, you feel that you’re too old to write a rap for your acceptance speech, so you write a sonnet that becomes a globally-recognized plea for equality? I love him so much, what the heck.


Number Two-The Cutest Besties Ever

Okay, I know this started in 2015 but it was an important part of 2016 too and I had to include it.

Lin and Jonathan Groff have the most adorable friendship and it kinda brings me too tears. You’re welcome for this.



And last but not least…


AHHH! I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to disappoint you all! I don’t know what the most Theatrical thing that happened this year is. There was so much that happened.


Dear Evan Hansen and Amelie happened. Okay, and best of all, theatre lives on.

Hopefully that was satisfactory. Also Lin wrote a book.

Love ya people.



A Note From The Author: 

First of all, sorry for all the gifs. I felt like they’d be effective but maybe they were too much…? Nah. You can’t have too many gifs, especially not of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Secondly, I have decided to post my blog every Monday instead of every Wednesday. That way you can start your week off right. Although people keep telling me Sunday is the first day of the week. I just won’t think about it. 

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