Theatre Geek Chic: Fashion Inspired by Broadway

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry this is so late! I was kind of gallivanting around without much regard for humanity or anything. Sorry. Right now I’m listening to 1989 and can I just say how much I love Taylor Swift? Not only is she an amazing song-writer, she also auditioned for the movie version of Les Miserables for the part of Eponine. Um, yeah, theater geeks can be epically cool apparently. Although everyone already knew that, I guess. Ya know. Because of me.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned my love for theatrical fashion, right? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about theatrical fashion, mainly because I’ve been thinking about my own personal fashion in general. The other day I was at rehearsal for the choir that I sing in (we’re doing “My Shot” this season. I know.) and one of my friends was like, “Oh, Lil, were we supposed to dress up today?” I looked down at my clothes that I thought were kind of cute. They were, actually, kind of cute, but cute in the off to the theater type of way. It was at that moment, sitting on top of some steel risers in the auditorium of a super-cold music school that I realized that I have a tendency to dress up for events I should be wearing pajamas to (my friend was, in fact, wearing pajamas). This realization caused me to have a wave of shock, then a wave of sickness, then a wave of the realization that there was an acute possibility that Carol Channing would be proud. Also, have you seen my new glasses? See a resemblance? Yeah. Uh huh. “Totally unplanned.”


Anyway, sometimes your love for musical theater is so strong that you wish you actually are Elphaba or Eponine or Lola or Jean Valjean or any other musical character. I’ve been there, my friend, I have. So here I am, Broadway Lil, giving you three outfits that are sure to help you keep up your theatricalness, and that are in fact based on actual musical theater characters. I know. You can die.

Number One: Alexander Hamilton



The Current King of Broadway.

I thought it would be fun to do an Alexander Hamilton inspired outfit because I found this super cool jacket at a thrift store a while back and have been meaning to do something Hamilton-esc with it. I’m wearing long black boots, black tights under black shorts, and a flowy white blouse under the jacket. You can probably find most of these things at Forever 21 or your local thrift store (where you will find slightly cheap-skate me).



Number Two: Elle Woods


One of my greatest inspirations.

When I watched Legally Blonde for the first time I almost cried, because I related so much to Elle Woods. I am, unfortunately, sometimes generalized by people because of my blondness and a movie about a girl who does whatever she wants and doesn’t get caught up in what people think about her is so important. And then they made a musical of the movie.

I know.

For this outfit I wore a black skirt with fushcia stockings underneath and a pink shell-type blouse with a pink cardigan over it. I also wore pink wedges and held my adorable dog who’s name is Sparky and not something you would expect my dog to be named.



Number Three: Amelie



French and fab.

Amelie, who is fabulously French and wears super-cute outfits is in a new musical with PHILLIPA SOO* who I adore and I am HOPEFULLY GOING TO SEE THIS MUSICAL, MOM AND DAD because it is playing in a theater near me. I don’t know much about Amelie, honestly, but I still wanted to do her outfit because it’s so pretty and fun. She originally wears a long red skirt but I don’t have a long red skirt and it might also be impractical for walking in, so I chose some red jeans and one of my many, many, many black and white striped sweaters (you don’t want to see the stash I have. You don’t). I also wore some black combat boots, but honestly, any black shoes will work, and a red trench coat from Old Navy. Oh, and some bright red lipstick is a must, dahlings.


I hope you enjoyed this and hopefully you can use some of my ideas! Comment if you’d like me to do more outfits and any requests for characters too, because this was so fun! Thanks so much to my super amahzing sister, Carrie, for the photos. She is such a good photographer and tells me to calm down when I start yelling that the sun is going down and we freaking won’t get the pictures taken in time. I love you all!




*I know it isn’t her in the picture. But it’s Samantha Barks so stop complaining.

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