Are You a True Theater Geek?


Hi my friends!

I’m loving my new website so much! Today I will be preparing for the fabulousness that is Hairspray LIVE. I mean, if you don’t watch it…just please watch it.

Harvey Firestein is in it.

Enough said.

I have a pretty bad cold right now, because in spite of my sweater hoard, I never dress warmly enough. When you’re sick (and a theater geek like me) there are two things you will find the need to do. The first is to listen to Adalaide’s Lament from Guys and Dolls. Here is a link. While you listen, you might sob and choke down the chicken broth that you’re supposed to be drinking to get rid of your cold. Little does anyone know that your cold wasn’t caused by you walking around barefoot in the cold, pretending to be Eponine, but by the thoughtlessness of a young Frank Sinatra and his cold breaking of your heart. This is a normal reaction. After you do this you will feel theatrical enough to want to test your theatrical genius AKA you will want to show off your knowledge of every musical known to personkind AKA you will have to take the following quiz that I, Broadway Lil, your favorite theater geek and fellow Lin-Manuel Miranda stalker, have created.

You’re welcome times three.

Oh, and tell me what you got in the comments! Love you all!




Click Here, my dears!

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