Lil Makes Lists Of Things or Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally published on 11/24/16


Wow, hi friends. I was able to grab a few minutes to write this. My family is cooking many types of root vegetables and a large fowl. I know, right? Weirder and weirder. I was thinking about this season of giving and about the things I’m especially thankful for. You all, my family, my leg warmers. I really have so many things to be thankful for. But you probably don’t want to hear my thankful-list (just warning you, it involves a lot of sweaters) so let me tell you something instead. Sometimes when I’ve been cooped up in my house for a while I start thinking about the sneaky and fabulous things I should be doing. It’s really quite a problem and I shouldn’t try to make it worse by TALKING about it, but here I am, Broadway Lil, giving you the list of horribly sneaky/fabulous things I’m going to do once I get the chance. You should do them too.

And you know what? You’re welcome. I love you all.

Number One: A Sneaky Thing

Stalk Zac Efron
High School Musical gave me a lot of delusions about life. For example, the breaking into song in the middle of the basketball court thing. Turns out, that doesn’t happen! I asked a couple of my friends who go to public school the other day and they said, “um, no, Lil.” So there we go. Another delusion High School Musical gifted me with was the innate belief that every person you sing a duet with will become your soul mate. Refer to: The Time The Boy Who Played Daddy Warbucks Poured a Bottle of Water on My Head After We Sang NYC Together. But High School Musical gave me many other things too. One of which was, for a long time, an acute desire to marry Zac Efron. This is a common problem as far as I’ve heard. Now, the other day my dad was like, “Ha, ha, Lil, guess what, Zac Efron lives right near us.” This happened while I was listening to “Bet On It” really loudly in the car. I grabbed my father’s shoulder and yelled, “What?!”

That was because I couldn’t hear what he was saying, of course. He almost swerved off the road because he was driving. Once I realized the magnitude of what he was saying I gasped and said, “drive there, drive there! We can meet him! We can get autographs!” And my dad said, “we have to go eat dinner but we can later.” My father really gets the important stuff in life. Well, anyway, when I get a chance I will go find Zac Efron’s house and creep around all sneakily in his yard.

Number Two: A Fun Thing
Watch Moana
The new Disney princess has a movie with songs written by LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA! YOU KNOW THIS! IT ROCKS! We have to go see this movie, both of us.

Number Three: A Super Exciting Thing
Put The Songs From The Musical I’m Writing On Here
You know I’m writing a musical, right? RIGHT?! I know, it’s so exciting and I’m going to put all the songs from it on this website of mine.

Number Four: A Cool Thing
Buy These Earrings
They are Hairspray playbills. Prepare for Hairspray: LIVE the right way! I know. You can die.

Number Five: A Super Important Thing

Finish My New Website
I’m working on my new website right now. When I put it up you can all leave comments and we can talk to each other and make Next To Normal references whenever we want! I’m totally cool with that kind of that thing. (Please, someone make a Next To Normal reference.)

I was in a bit of a rush so I know this was a short burst of sneaky/fabulous planning but I hope it helped  you with your life. In some way. It probably didn’t but just know that I’m thankful for you and theater geek or not, you really da best.



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