Falling Slowly for Fall*


Hi my dears!

Now, I am guessing that some of you have fully rotted
mouths of teeth from all the candy you consumed on Monday (and let’s be honest, Tuesday, since you probablystayed up untilat least 3:00am finishing up your last
couple of Jolly Ranchers and watching The Addams Family. It happens.) Now, I personally, have some issues keeping track of
time, especially time relating to Halloween-costume-acquirement. So, for instance, when it’s one day until Halloween, I somehow feel that I still have a lot of time
to finish my Halloween costume. And the next day,
when I realize it’s Halloween I, of course, fully freak
out and panic. It really makes no sense. When I was eleven I was literally the most organized person you have ever met and even now I am a pretty organized being. Sort of. If you don’t look in my room, at my desk, or any place I have recently occupied. But still, looking back over the years I have to admit that I only have memories of buying or making my costume the day of Halloween. What is with that, honestly?

Let me give you all a little word of advice if you’re ever in my situation.

Be Eponine Thenardier.

Now, being Eponine for Halloween means: Get a large coat and put on a hat. And actually, Eponine is a pretty good costume idea, just saying. No one could see it in the darkness of the Halloween night but at least I knew it was
amahzing. Btw, I’m allowed to look super serious in that picture because I’m actually about to die for freaking Marius who doesn’t even deserve it.


I went trick-or-treating with my little sisters and their friend and that is definitely the way to go, because you don’t have to go up to the houses and be embarrassed about being the weird tall person asking for candy but you still get to eat a couple Snickers because you can snatch them out of either one of your sister’s goodie bags, or even their friend’s goodie bag! It works out great and they won’t even get that mad if you pat them forcefully on the head afterwards and yell, “wow, you are so freaking nice!”

Trust me.

Anyway, I think that all in all I had a pretty good Halloween. I kind of wanted to get some people together to be a Schuyler Sister squad but, hey, next year, right?

Whelp, next up, CHRISTMAS!! Wait, no, Black Friday. Imma score me some hot deals in the sweater department! (I literally only like sweaters). Thanksgiving sort of counts, but I prefer holidays that can be celebrated by listening to some kind of Broadway cast album. Not to get super into it but-

Christmas: A Christmas Story
Halloween: Carrie, The Addam’s Family, Sweeny Todd
Valentine’s Day: Hairspray (that so counts)
4th of July: Take Me Along

So, just saying.
Okay, and can I just say that I am super excited to listen to all of Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel’s Christmas albums again?! And their duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”?!

I die.
I just die.

Now, another thing I am totally freaking out about is my NEW YORK ESCAPADE, which is coming up super soon. I am going to FREAKING TAKE NEW YORK BY STORM! It is going to be so great. Of course you will hear every single freaking detail of my escapades.
You’re welc-

Oh, right. I’m not saying “you’re welcome” anymore because it’s rude.
Anyway, I just love fall, you know? It’s just the best.
Although, of course here in Los Angeles it’s just a state of mind.

Pumpkin Spice Latte? Check.

Pumpkin Spice Latte perfume? Check.

Fashionably orange sweater with Pumpkin Spice Latte embroidered on the front?
Um, check!

Whelp, I have to go but I love you all! I should probably go watch High School Musical or something. You should too. One, two, three – GO MARVEL AT THE SKY BLUE THAT IS ZAC EFRON’S EYES AND GAWK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL SINGING VOICE THAT IS A DUB!

*Did I just make a super obvious Once reference? Yes I did. I did and I don’t even care.

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