Stephen. Yeah, That One


I missed you all.

No, I swear.

Now first of all, yes. I did notice. My website looks exactly the same as before. It does. It’s okay, though. I’m working on it.
Now, today I honestly didn’t know what to write about because there are just LOTS OF MATERIALS I COULD COVER! And when you’re listening to Lukas Graham music while you write, loud sobbing can CLOUD YOUR JUDGMENT! Okay? Cloud it. Just saying. Anyway, it’s kind of a debate here between I Tell About When I Got A Really Theatrical Crush In Middle School or Exciting News, Fellow Linatics.
Because I am trying to be the kind of person who knows what TMI and “God that’s boring, child,” mean, I will not tell you about me writing an entire book of poetry in a week.

Exciting News, Fellow Linatics!

ASIDE: If I get enough candy corn into me, anything could happen. IE: If you give me all your Halloween candy I’ll tell you about the crush.

Today I read an email. Now for most of you wonderful people emails are sort of exciting and kind of fun and mostly boring. Goldstar, I don’t need an update every time they do a production of Little Shop of Horrors somewhere in The Valley.

NOTE: I don’t know what THE VALLEY is, exactly, but my dad said it’s far away. Tweet me if you know.

So. In the email it said: You Have Been Accepted!
It was not in my spam box so I kept reading.
To Be In That Musical-Writing Class You Applied For!
I gasped and choked on my saliva.
The One Where You Get To Meet Stephen Schwartz* And He Critiques The Ten Minute Musical You And Your Collaborators Write During The Class!

Yeah, that girl who’s sprawled out on the floor? I think she fainted. Yeah, oh, no, no. No biggie. No, don’t call 911. No, she’s okay. I hope.


Ma man, Stephen! Oh, yeah, no prob, hon. I’ll DO A REWRITE OF WICKED FOR THE SILVER SCREEN WITH YOU! You need input about that-
NOTE: People, I just realized that the word is input and not imput. I just realized that. Thought I’d mention it. Sorry. I didn’t…sorry-
Yeah, Stephen. You wanna grab cocktails together after the PREMIERE of our collaborative musical following the thrilling life of Marie Curie’s janitor? Hah, yeah, Lin sure did use up all those historical figures before anyone else could!

Bless him.


Except, uh, Steve. STEVE, WAIT! They’re not letting me…I’m not allowed in the…STEPHEN I CAN’T GET INTO THE BAR! I’M UNDERAGE! WAIT, COME BACK!
He totally did not just prance off arm in arm with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
What. The-
Sorry, friends, sorry. I am sorry that you had to witness that just now. Just blame my parents or something productive like that. I ate three jelly beans today. YEAH SUGAR RUSH!

Friends of mine, I love you and I am so psyched and I will be back so soon.
Defy That Gravity, Yo! Like Me! And Stephen!

P.S. Does anyone else think the kid’s voices in “Mama Said” are creepy?
*Writer of musicals like Wicked


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