16 Going on 17


Hi, hi, hi!

How are you guys? OMG, Friday’s my birthday. Sixteen, people! It’s scary and exciting and I have a new piano and so I’ll be fine. I’m eating chocolate ice cream as I write this because I’ve decided, with me turning sixteen and all, to turn over a new page and start living healthy. I hope that I’ve inspired you all to make healthier lifestyle choices too.

Okay, as you may or may have not noticed, on Monday I put a song from my musical on YouTube (yay). It’s super exciting and Imma put it in my website so you can watch it.

Now, about my birthday. Well, I’m going to have my party in Big Bear Lake which is a small town on top of a mountain in Southern California.
See how I wrote that all out?
That shows that I’m paying attention in Geography.
So, great.

Anyway, I’m having my party in Big Bear and inviting a lot of my pals who live up there.
All of them are theater geeks like you and I so my birthday party is going to be pr-etty theatery, just saying. The thing is, I’ve decided that the only way to live life is to class it up eternally, AKA, to always live a classy life, so my party is going to be pretty classy.

I’m making a playlist to play at the party with all my faves on it – Audra McDonald, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand – and of course a lot of show tunes. I’m also going to wear a very classy outfit and possibly serve punch. Honestly, I wish you all could come. And then, NEW YORK!

*suppressed blood-curdling scream of joy*



What happened next was kind of sad. I decided to eat some chocolate ice cream for breakfast (I guess I mentioned this while it was happening*), which caused me to start having heart palpitations which caused me to feel like I was having a heart attack which caused me to stop writing and go lie down on my bed and wonder if I was dying. And before my sweet sixteen! Oh, the horror. Oh the hardships we who eat ice cream for breakfast endure.

UPDATE: I’m still kicking

Anyway, my birthday was amazing. I saw my theater pals and we did some Broadway karaoke and I found out that THEY ALL READ MY BLOG! So hey, you cool, fab people!!

You all are cool and fab.

But, the thing is, does being sixteen mean you aren’t hip and relevant anymore? AM I SUPER OLD, NOW?! I’ve been sick since my birthday. AM I DETERIORATING THAT FAST?

Whatever. I’m timeless. Just look at me rocking those sunglasses.
I have a lot to report. Maybe involving Stephen Schwartz. So, just saying. I’m trying improve my website so lemme go research that. I will return! I love you all!


*you can say you knew me when

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