My Musical II

Hi my friends!

I realize that I’m late again. Well, I hope you had fun burning your eyes out with YouTube last week. I know I did.

Btw I’m listening to Spring Awakening right now so if I start sobbing for no reason you’ll have a little warning.

I’ve told you all about my musical-writing pursuits and now I want to tell you all two more things.

Firstly, I got a baby grand piano for my birthday.


Not. Kidding.


I COULDNOT and CANNOT believe it at all. My life is so way much better.
Just. I have nothing else to say.

Okay, ahem, cough, my second topic of discussion is my musical. I know I’ve told you about me being super cool and sitting at a piano and writing stuff but I am suuuper excited to announce that I am going to be releasing one of the songs from my musical in the next couple of days and JUST I’M REALLY EXCITED, OKAY?


So now I’m going to tell you what it’s about!

My musical.

Thanks for sticking with me, people.

I am so obsessed with the musical Oliver! – the characters are really the best –  and the score…come on, people, it’s so good. I had a crush on the Artful Dodger for a looong time, lemme just say, and Fagin, bless his heart…

*cries from nostalgia*

Anyway, one character that always interested me but who, am I right or am I right, never got enough stage time, has always been Bet, Nancy’s best friend who sings in “I’d Do Anything” and finds Nancy when she’s dead and all that…

I just realized that Oliver! has a really disturbing story line.

Anyway, I became OBSESSED with these characters and their stories and I wanted to write more about them, about the characters who surround Oliver Twist in his story but whom we never really get to know.

You’re welcome, Charles Dickens.

No, but really this musical is so exciting to me and I’m so excited that I can share it with you all.  It’s about Bet’s relationship with Nancy, her best friend and someone who basically betrayed her, and it’s about Bet finding her way as an early, early feminist in a world that doesn’t take kindly to the idea of feminism.

It’s supes exciting, be say the least.

I have to go but I want to leave you with two sets of parting words.

Firstly, from a man who wrote powerful things “A play is fiction — and fiction is fact distilled into truth.”

Edward Albee disturbed me with The Zoo Story when I was younger but he has always been an inspiration to me. Today we truly lost a master.


Secondly, from one of the wisest philosophers to inhabit the earth: “Shut up and drink your gin.”

Fagin, thank you, I probably shouldn’t have written that, cheerio, everyone, and have A FAB EVENING!




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