Theater Geek Chic…Is Now A Thing



Friends, Comrades, Weirdos:
I’m back.

“Omigod, where was she?”

That was you. And I know you don’t talk like that. I know you don’t talk like that. But for stylistic purposes, you talk like that.
Okay, well, people, I was gone, I’m admitting to this. I was gone, gallivanting all over the place, no regard for you or anyone else, and I am truly sorry.

*sob *

Okay but listen, while I was gone I had a revelation, a revolution, a thought!
Okay. Here goes.
Have you been feeling a little on your own lately? Have you started feeling less like superboy and more like the invisible girl? Well if you’re feeling a little stuck in a stew in the goo then maybe it’s time to be pulled in a new direction by hipness expert, Lillian Mottern, pictured right. Lillian Mottern believes that theatergeek chic is totes a thing and she is here to prove it to you today.

Thanks, girl. Hello, everyone. Yes, oh, please hold your applause, oh, ha, ha. Yes, I have figured something out and it is that We The People have been misperceived by the rest of the world. They see us as insane lunatics who can’t play sports and talk/sing about the French Revolution in British accents.

But listen.

We are the hippest of the hip, we are the coolest of the cool, we are, in short, the people who stalk Lin-Manuel Miranda ruthlessly on Twitter and therefore we shall inherit the earth.


For instance, will they* know this outfit was inspired by a slightly crazy lovelorn homeless person who dies by covering a gun with her hand?
NO! They’ll just think we look like runway models!


I am going to admit to you darling people that I
like fashion a lot and since, as you obviously
know, Broadway is my true love, I tried to combine
them and then I thought I’d share what I came up with

with you because you are SO FREAKING THEATRICAL!

I love you people.

Hearts, eponines, and love


P.S. You’re welcome

*meanies who hate on us when we sing the entire score from Songs For A New World in the mirror of the Ikea restrooms. Like, wth, people.

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