Vocals + Pain

Hi friends!

I’m really quite tired today because I was recording vocals THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!

Okay, I ate a pack of sushi and listened to my dad argue with the people at Sprint Wireless for a while (what, it’s interesting!) but other than that and the occasional trip to Twitter to see if for some inexplicable reason Lin followed me back, I DID THAT THE ENTIRE DAY! VOCALS! RECORDING!

I had to write a song for a musical-writing class I’m applying to and then I have to send it in and I have to record it to send it in. At first recording was fun and then it wasn’t and then I accidentally unplugged the wi-fi because my recording equipment was all plugged into the same wall socket as the wi-fi modem and then I got really angry and then I needed to write a note on my lyric sheet but I was so tired by that point that I didn’t want to stand up to go get a pen from the other room so I decided to use the nail polish that was sitting on my music stand at my piano (um, hello, everyone paints their nails at their piano) and then I, of course, spilled it. I also bit my microphone because I thought it needed a little reminder to stop moving around so freaking much.

It was a long day.

But you people, fall is coming and so’s New York CITAY! I’m so excited! I’ve been listening to “Welcome to New York” and “New York, New York” on repeat for a while now.

(Just saying)
I’m so excited.

I was also thinking I should start a YouTube channel.  Should I? I don’t know. I wish I could figure out how to work these freaking comments so you could tell me what you think. I just need to update my whole blog. This will happen.

New York-themed hugs!


P.S. sorry I was so all over the place today.

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