Start Spreading the News

I know I look super good for my age, but I’m going to tell you all something.

I’m almost sixteen.

*mic drop*

Okay, not sure if that was the right context, but what the heck. Listen, you nerds. I have this epic plan.

Like, seriously epic.

I am going to New York City for my sixteenth birthday.


Sorry I just said that.

Now, here’s the plan. I work as one of those people who watch other people’s children for a living and so I have money, yo, well sort of, and so. Here’s how my sixteenth year on this fair planet is going to start.

I’m going to jump on a plane, fly to New York, jump off the plane, throw on my theater coat (pic to come), put on some lipstick, and bump right into Audra McDonald.

Now, why will this happen? Why will I bump into Audra and why will Jonathan Groff and Lea Michelle be WITH her? Why will they all invite me to hang?

People, it’s New York. Relax.

Anyway, after all this happens I’ll be pretty exhausted so I’ll have to go to bed, but in the MORNING I will be ready for action. I will gallivant all over The Big Apple in my theater coat and then I’ll go see some shows.

Shows I really want to go see:

Dear Evan Hansen

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
Hamilton (okay, could be wishful thinking here)
The Color Purple

Okay, Imma think of more, but that’s the gist. By the end of the whole kaboodle, Lin will have hired me to babysit his child and at the same time teach me how to write musicals, Stephen Sondheim, Sara Bareilles, Jonathan Groff,  Idina Menzel, and I will be besties and I’ll have landed a secure second job at The Drama Bookshop.

Just saying.

Okay, but literally. I am so excited, here, people. And thanks to computers you can come with me on my adventure.

So yeah.
It rocks.
I have to go babysit.

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