News in General*

Hi fabulous people! I missed you!

Phew, it’s been quite a summer so far. I hope yours has been amazing. I’ve been seeing quite a lot of Shakespeare in the park and honestly, I’ve been computer coding. I know maybe this will come as a shock, but occasionally (very, very occasionally) I do things that do not involve musical theater. And so I’m taking a coding course and I’m kinda stressing right now, to be honest. Okay, and completely off the subject, but have you tried those sweet plantain chips they have at Trader Joe’s? You might want to, just saying.

Now, Lil, you might be saying, cool, yeah, but what about abstract musicals? What about auditioning for ridiculous things involving founding fathers? What about just generally freaking out?

People, I’m flattered. I really, truly am flattered that you would miss my generally freaking out. That makes one.

The thing is, today I just wanted to write about life in general (I know, boring) but for you I will attempt to dig up some random info to generally freak out about.**

Okay, so guess what?

Stephen Sondheim has a new musical in the works at the Public theater in New York! Apparently it is based off the Luis Buñuel film, “The Exterminating Angel,” and it’s kind of a competition between Sondheim and opera composer, Thomas Adès because they’re both adapting this film, and that, dear people, is just generally freak-out material. It’s really exciting! Also, I’m so pumped for more info on the Mary Poppins remake that Lin is in!

Oh, and one more thing that’s pretty exciting. On Monday I released a song and it’s not prefect, but Imma put it on my website so if you want to, I would love if you’d check it out.

Wow, Lil, thanks for turning this entire post into an advertisement for your song. Srsly. No integrity.

Love you all! 🎹


*ly freaking out

** this was coming all along

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