Tori Amos Has a Musical!


I know maybe I’m freaking out too much these days about musicals, but literally. Tori Amos has a musical.

And I didn’t even know.

What kind of a person doesn’t know when Tori Amos writes a musical?
Okay, it’s called The Light Princess and just, well, I understand why you’re screaming at the top of your lungs, it’s sort of what we do here, yo, but, just, well, aim your voice away from my eardrum.


The show opened at the National’s Lyttelton Theater in London in 2013 (13-year-old Lil, where were you at this time? Gosh) but hasn’t yet made it to Broadway. I’m holding out hope here, people. For the cast album it took eleven months to record and even longer to mix because she really wanted to make it special. Special for the teenagers she was aiming at. That’s right, The Light Princess is aimed at the fab teenage population I happen to be included in, and covers a lot of issues teenagers go through, including confrontations between parents and children  (yeah, dad, be very, very worried. Imma get that Broadway Cruise if it kills me).

Haha just kidding😇.

That was my share of teenager for the day.

You’re welcome.

According to Tori Amos it’s a “feminist fairy tale” and actually pretty dark. The producers felt it wouldn’t be commercial enough for Broadway but I know we can handle it. I listened to some of the cast album and it’s so good. They say the show has a kind of “Little Earthquakes”, Tori’s first album, vibe, and that makes me realize that Tori Amos has written a lot about teenagers and things they go through and I think that’s just so cool.

Anyway, I’m thrilled that I found this out and go listen to the show, yo! Heres a link to one of the songs,                “Darkest Hour”

You’re welcome again.

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