July Ninth


July 9th.
A day that looms in the distance, chilling Hamilton addicts to the bone at the very mention of it.

“My mother’s birthday is July 9th, wann-“
A girl with a Hamilton t-shirt falls to the ground in a dead faint*.

“It’s really funny, yo, July 9th-“
A young boy with ear buds gasps and then topples to the earth. When the police turn on his iphone, they find it was playing “My Shot” at full blast.

“Did you know July 9-“
A ninety year old woman in a wheelchair screams and raises her fist, tears of wrath streaming from behind her glasses.

For Hamilfans everywhere, July 9th will be a day of mourning, a day of tears. It is, my friends, the day Lin-Manuel Miranda leaves Hamilton.

You can faint.

Now listen. We knew it was coming, we steeled ourselves. I for one, went the route of pretending it wasn’t happening. But now it’s coming. This Saturday. But on the day that we all cry tears of grief and pain and all that jazz, there are a couple things you should know.

1) A little while back, Lin started a fundraiser for the Hispanic Federation where you could donate money and then be entered to win tickets to his last show AND (no kidding) AND win an invite to the after-party. Okay, you say, how can I enter? People, sorry. The winners have already been announced. Two women, Michelle B. and Kathryn S. is what the prizeo website says. So, no, we don’t have a chance. But maybe we can hope for some video footage or something…we’ll see, people.

2) Lin promised us that they would film the original cast and make it available for the public, so we WILL see the original show, even if it’s not in person.

3) And finally, Lin said that he will definitely be coming back to the show at some point, be it the tour or the Broadway production, so maybe we’ll get to see him in it sometime in the future.

Okay, so maybe it’s not ideal. Maybe we all really, REALLY wish we could have seen Lin in Hamilton. But we will first of all, get through this together, and secondly, listen to the cast recording under our covers while tears pour down our cheeks. It’s life. We’ll get through it. Anyway, I know you’ll all survive, and I will talk to you all very, very soon.


*Okay, so apparently this means the person isn’t actually dead. So don’t freak.

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