Anastasia The Musical


Hi y’all, I’m back! Sorry I was gone so long. The start of summer’s always a little disorienting if you know what I mean. “Should I be a camp counselor at a theater camp? Should I pretend to get a normal job? Should I wipe out my bank account and see every single show at the Pantages?” Ya know. Tough stuff there. But what I wanted to tell you all is QUITE important. At least to those of us who:
Are obsessed with Musical Theater

Are obsessed with Russian literature
Think we may be previous grand duchesses.

You heard it, yo. They’re bringing the story of Anastasia Romanov to Broadway.

You can faint.

Now I have one thing to say: Why Not Sooner?! It’s kind of been begging for it. I’m really quite psyched (that’s a term, right? Psyched? I’m trying to be more relevant), about this. At the age of twelve I picked up a fictionalized account of the fall of Imperial Russia and became:

(1 Disturbed
(2 Obsessed with the Romanov family, especially, obviously, Anastasia.

I read all the books I could find about anything vaguely Russian (it’s how I got turned on to Tolstoy, Mom and Dad. Thank that fictionalized account of the fall of Imperial Russia), and watched the animated movie and the live action one with Ingrid Bergman. AND NOW IT’S A MUSICAL!

*  small psyched scream   *

So basically Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens (can I just real quick mention that there seems to be a pattern with the first names of theater composers/lyricists? Lin-Manual Miranda, LynnAhrens, Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Flaherty…. Also! Andrew Lippa and Andrew-Lloyd Webber. Just saying. Just mentioning) wrote the score for the animated movie, Anastasia, and the Broadway musical is going to be their original score as well as some additional songs that they are going to write (yay).

Aspects of the live action movie will also be used.

Christy Altomare who was in Mamma Mia will be playing Anya the female lead who is searching for her identity and Derek Klena fromDogfight will be playing Dmitrys the male lead, who wants to pass Anya off as the real Anastasia Romanov.

It’s all very exciting.

The show’s set to open on April 24th 2017 at the Broadhurst theater. Please go on tour soon after, people! I need to see this show.
So, yes, very thrilling. And dear readers, from now on I will be posting a new blog post every Wednesday.

And if I need to tell you all something very exciting and can’t wait until Wednesday, I will let you know on Twitter, the land of all things, um, Twitterish. I rather have to dash off and all. Bye!


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