The Tonys!

The Tonys.

Um, wow.

Yes, I’ve seen the 2011 Neil Patrick Harris ones. I’ve watched them three times on YouTube. We all have, you get this. But James Corden’s opening number was so fabulous, so inspiring, and set the stage for what this beautiful, tearful, wonderful night would be like.
“Don’t wonder if this could be you, it absolutely could be”
At this point I knew there wasn’t going to a dry eye in the house by the end of the show.

A Few Observations and Highlights:

Daveed Diggs had a really cool jacket.
James Cordens’ parents are adorable.
Alex Brightman must have chugged at least a couple Redbulls before School of Rock performed.
Andrew Lloyd Webber was fab on the tambourine.
When Lin thanked Jonathan Larson before the Hamilton cast sang “No Day But Today”.
The Color Purple performance was so powerful.
Sara Bareilles and Jessie Mueller were beautiful and inspiring.
Lin’s sonnet.
James Corden and his asthma inhaler when Barbra Streisand came on.
Leslie Odom Jr. on the closing number when his voice was shaking because Hamilton had just won Best Musical.

Now, maybe you all are wondering about my Tony party. I’m going to pretend that I just heard a resounding yes.
Ahem. Ahrem.
My Tonys party kind of changed.

There’s been a change in me/ A kind of moving on/Though what I used to be-
Sorry. Sorry. I can’t help it, okay? That’s why all the people I make friends have to know why it’s funny when I mumble, “A loaf of bread ruined my life,” in a really horrible, depressing voice because otherwise I would be a hermit because normal people just look away from me and smile in a really stressed way and then start looking at Facebook really intensely.
ANYway, my Tony party changed because:

1) The Theater geek didn’t respond to my invite.
2) The Theater/Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings geek backed out of the whole thing and insulted me and my blog in the process. I still like her.
3) The two other geeks don’t like musicals that much (I know, right?!)

SO. What did I do? I decided to crash someone else’s Tony party. I have a small history of doing this, I am very regretful to inform you all, but often times it works out quite well.
My choir director’s daughter adores musicals almost as much as I do and she actually seemed happy for me to go to her house to watch them. We had root-beer floats and sang along to pretty much every single song.
It was fab.
I hope you all had GREAT Tony awardses (totes works) and if you didn’t watch them for some reason (gasp, panic, weep) then read Twitter for a while and you’re sure to have, like, the full experience. Those theater geeks love their Twitter. It was a great year, though. My friend told me Hamilton didn’t beat The Producers at the number of Tonys they won (eleven, The Producers won twelve) but they did pretty darn well. And Waitress is still amazing even though it didn’t win any.
One last thing. It’s sickening what happened in Orlando. To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Love is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love cannot be killed or swept away” And we can’t ever forget when things like this happen. Because if we do, they could happen again.



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