A Theatrical Book Review


Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was so into planning my Tony Awards party and I also really missed my old theater clan. So I picked up my Kindle and finished a fabulous little book entitled, “My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan.”
Okay, let’s stop there.
Any of you dear people who know me personally know I mostly read books involving Brett Ashley and Holden Caulfield. But maybe you don’t know about my OBSESSION with Seth Rudetsky (get it??!!). I had to read ALL his books, of course. We realize this. So I have been doing just this and recently it was “My Awesome Awful Popularity Plan” that was up.
Okay, I really loved it. For those of you who’ve read Tim Federle’s Nate series, Seth’s series (“My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan” is followed by “The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek”) is like Nate but in high school.
Justin, the main character is someone I want so badly for a friend. He is funny, charming, and mostly just loves musical theater.
Oh yeah, and Chuck, the adorable baseball player.
After a little bet, and with a lot of that Theater-Person confidence, Justin sets out on a quest (against his best friend, Spencer’s advice) to date Chuck and become the most popular person in his High School.
How will he do this?
Well, he’s going to need a little trickery, honestly. Good thing Justin is the star performer in all his High School productions. He pretends to be his fellow theater buff Becky’s boyfriend in order to fool her perfectionist father so she can secretly meet up with her real boyfriend who just happens to be Chuck whom Justin hopes to get closer to. Yes, enough twists for even Oscar Wilde. By the time I got to the last chapter I was laughing so much so quietly it turned into a snort.
Actually, that happens very time I laugh.
But I loved it.
Sometimes I felt like the plot was progressing a little too quickly and that Seth Rudetsky was telling more than showing, but I fell in love with Justin from the first sentence, quite honestly and my theatrical self was obsessed (see how I keep putting that in?!)
Anyway, I’d recommend this book to those of us who are obsessed with musical theater, won’t mind getting jealous when Becky and Justin and Spencer all become besties and kinda rule the theater department, and who maybe should take a break from Tolstoy.
Also, Seth Rudetsky is just so great. He is the person you wish was your uncle/bestie* not even kidding.
I need to go, but I swear I’m going to write more posts soon! Because I need to talk about My Tony Awards Party and My First Heart-Break Which Was Due To A Musical and I Audition For 13 and soooo many other things!


Why wasn’t Audra McDonald nominated? Srsly.

*bestie, I love you. Sorry.

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