My Tony Party


People, today I realized something. I need to talk about my Tony Awards party and fully lay out the awesomeness of it and then after I post this, I will try to set up a comments section so you can tell me about your Tony Awards plans.

My first step is getting the location. Believe it or not, I don’t have a television. So I have a plan to find someone who does.

Possible Victims:

My Father’s Friend Who Did My Resume For Hamilton
Our Neighbor Carl
The Pizza Place Down The Street

Okay, all possibilities. My Dad said we can get a TV, Lil, but I know I must plan ahead just in case.

My second step is inviting everyone. For Tony awards parties you need people who are geeks so I have my geek list: One Theater Geek, One Theater/ Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings Geek, One Writer Geek, and One Songwriter Geek. I hope they will all show up.

Thirdly, I am going to make a large cake that says TONY AWARDS 2016 on it in and we are going to eat it whilst watching. We are also going to…

Fourthly wear t-shirts that say: Talk Less, Smile More and The Trees Are Just Wood and She Is Messy But She’s Kind and I’m Evan Goldman I Live At Two Twenty Four West Ninety Second Street In The Heart Of Manhattan And My Life Just Went To Hell, and other things that I appreciate. Hopefully Songwriter Geek and Writer Geek will comply. I still don’t know how they’ll feel about the Tony awards thing.

Lastly, I will need to have a party favor sort of thing so I think I might make people buttons that say witty theater things on them such as: 24601 (I already have one that says that. I am super witty.)
I hope this goes well, this being my FIRST EVER TONY AWARDS PARTY EVER. I am sure it will be really fab, though. If we’re basing it’s success on how many hours I’ve been kept awake planning. Heh.
Well, I need to go play the piano until the neighbors complain. Sometimes you just have to. Bye!

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